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Black Friday

Fair Oaks Mall
Black Friday.
The day after Thanksgiving.
Traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year.
The start of the Christmas season. With Thanksgiving down, we can finally finish out 2010 with our last holiday of the year...Christmas.
One word to describe my full day of shopping on Black Friday? INSANE.
Being in DC this weekend for Thanksgiving, I decided to make use of my Friday and do what every other families did on the day after Thanksgiving. I decided to check out the Fair Oaks Mall which was a thirty minute drive from my cousin's house, to find traffic just entering the mall.
And not just that. Getting in the mall was even harder. There were people everywhere.
First stop? Forever 21. I loved the fact that it was a two-story. There were tons of comfy/cozy sweaters in Forever 21. You can bet I snagged a few ;)
Oh, and what am I on the hunt for?
A leather jacket.

Lady Godiva

This café had the best paninis and crêpes. So good.

                                                                    Oh, how festive.

Of course they had a Cheesecake Factory.
Fayetteville, oh how I've missed you.
Despite the freezing cold weather in DC, it felt great getting out of North Carolina.
But...Thanksgiving Break is pretty much over and it's time to get back home.
Until next November.

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