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A Toast to the Host

With all these festivities in the air, I think I could really go insane. What to do...what to buy...
I went to the mall and several places yesterday and began noticing all the Christmas trimming, ornaments and even lights hanging everywhere. And that wasn't it. There were Christmas carols and holiday music playing in the background. I gotta admit, people are seriously ready for the holidays. And so am I.

Undeniable Charisma.
I gotta say, this dress has it all. The aquamarine hue...the adorable white bow..the sailor-esque collar...
this dress is beautiful. It's a blue-ming beauty. hardy har :)
I've been admiring this from ModCloth (Undeniable Charisma Dress) for a little while considering if I should make a slight addition to my Christmas list.
And speaking of Christmas lists, that's right. :) I've already started jotting down a couple of gift ideas for the biggest holiday of the year. The holidays are drawing closer and closer and I can't believe it's merely more than a month away. Instead of waiting last minute to buy gifts, I'm going to make it a resolution to start early. Sure, the malls gets packed down and everything goes on sale, and schedules start filling up, but...why risk all that? I have my eye on a couple of things this year actually ;) but there will be more (eventually) as we get through the month of November so I'm not too sure yet.

Holiday Tree-t Ornaments.
It's never too early to get those Christmas ornaments for December. In fact, the sooner the better. And these ornaments? Not only are they just the cutest things, but they look soo scrumptious...yuuum.

It never hurts to have a simple but elegant cocktail dress in your wardrobe in case a formal after party occurs. You can shine and dazzle in these shimmery cocktail dresses from ModCloth at your next Christmas party.
Classic Beauty Dress$109.99

Without Equal Dress $399.99

Onyx Intentions Dress
I love baking. PERIOD.
Last Christmas, it was all about those sugar cookies and brownies, but this year I want to do something different. I've always wanted to make those cute christmas treats that look so adorable you don't want to eat them (but still end up eating them anyway).. but I never really got the chance. So this Christmas, I plan to raid stores looking for cute Christmas recipes. It's always fun to make with your family. It's a tradition of mine at my house. What's better than eating delicious Christmas cookies than with your family?

So what are some of your favorite or traditional Christmas treats?

Give your dessert a snowy touch.
Christmas comes year round. We all know it's a festive time of year when we pull out our most impressive and creative desserts. As the jolly holiday approaches, we'll spend hours in the kitchen baking dozens of cookies and cookie bars, cakes, pies, candies, and other creative confections that we proudly reserve for special occasions.

“These dazzling desserts are all drizzled, dusted, glazed, sprinkled, or dipped in something sweet and white,” says Sandra Lee, with her latest collection of Christmas recipes. “Whether or not your town enjoys a wintertime snowfall, you can bring a frosty touch to your holiday table with one of these clever recipes.”

These chocolate filled Peppermint Meringues would make an attractive and delectable addition to your Christmas table. Get the recipe from Martha.

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