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Bake it or Break it

Got my cake supplies at last.
I'm ready to start baking now that it's the weekends. My kitchen is going to smell heavenly for the next hour or so (or perhaps this whole week). Isn't my family just the luckiest people right now?

You have no idea how long I've been dying to announce that I am finally done with Christmas shopping for my friends.
Done, done, DONE. Whew, it's really a relief.

And now I don't have to worry every minute and asking myself when I'm going to have everything done (because that's what's being going on in my head for the past few weeks...crazy, I know). I'm the type of person who always jots things down simply because I forget things easily. I wouldn't say I have OCD, but I do like things to be organized and set forward.
I'm feeling a lazy Sunday happening today...when I'm done, that is.

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