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Mannequin Crazy

I've been on the hunt for months just about and I still cannot find the perfect mannequin. You're probably thinking... is she crazy? Why would she want a mannequin? Trust me you wouldn't be the first. I walked into Belk and a couple of places in Fayetteville the other time and I'm pretty sure they thought I was craaazy. HAHA. Well I have my reasons.

  1. I want to start from the basics when it comes to making clothing.
  2. I can't dress a model... but I can dress a mannequin.
  3. It would be a great addition to my bedroom. No really.
So therefore, I am on the hunt for mannequins. Not the store ones with the faces and hands...NO thank you. I don't want anything in my bedroom that looks close to being ALIVE other than...well, me. (shudder).

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