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Sprinkled with Sweetness

Nothing says Friday like a cupcake and a glass of milk to go with.
It's weird.
I absolutely love baking and cooking sweet treats but I never crave for them anymore. Hardly ever, at least. I used to love stuffing my face with desserts but now, I don't take too much interest. Sure, they look delicious but just because you make a cake doesn't mean you should eat it too. It's just a simple shrug and a satisfying grin that does it. I take pride in my work, yes, but crave? No. The best part for me is giving it to someone and watching others exclaim with remarks of how delicious my desserts are. I guess it's all about the fun in making the yummy desserts, though most people would say eating their finished cupcake would be the most fun.
Making homemade desserts excite me. I love being able to put my creativity in my works. If it's not in clothing, might as well have it in the food, right?
This weekend? I have so many things I must do.
This includes- gift wrapping, baking, reading Lauren Conrad's STYLE book (love it so much)..etc while squeezing in time to shop with my best friend after church on Sunday.
I'm busy alright.
Also, I'm going to be busy experimenting with my new holiday recipe book...

Have a great weekend. I know I will.

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