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Tis' the season

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.
December 24.
I've been repeating those same words over and over in my head all day, hoping it'd do me any good at all. I think it's all the excitement building up inside me that's keeping me happy. I always spend Christmas with my family every year and I could never ever get tired of it. Ever.
For instance, watching The Polar Express has always been a tradition on the Eve of Christmas. I never get tired of watching it, even though I've seen it at least 50 times! 
Baking cookies for 'Santa' and putting out the milk on our festive cookie plate every year and putting exactly five cookies (one for each of us); giggling because we know we're going to end up eating it at midnight. I get stoked for these little details every year and making memories that we're forever going to cherish in our lifetime. But this year, I know it won't be the same.
My mom left for Korea to visit my grandparents for Christmas and it's weird not seeing her around the house everyday. My mom is basically like my best friend. We're that close.
It's comforting to know we have Skype dates / phone calls every single night, but I keep telling myself this year will be different.
But not to ruin the rest of my family's traditional festivities, the Polar Express and (other Christmas movies) will still be played tomorrow night, along with the baking. In other words, I'm prepared to have a splendid night on Christmas Eve :)
Other things keeping me happy:

Inspiring holiday cupcakes
- I'm so jealous. I wish I could make cupcakes look this good!
The color turquoise.
- It's been catching my eye a whole lot this winter and I'm starting to wish I had a turquoise blazer just like the fashionista Miroslava Duma (above). I am in love with her fashion style. Soo retro.
 My new Macchiato mug
- it's absolutely adorable and perfect for coffee and macchiatos..
and yes, I'm wearing gold nailpolish!
 Lavender-scented fragrance sticks
- the scent is heavenly. I keep it in my dining room for special occasions.
Festive decorations
- Despite the fact that this is a pinecone, 
I have to admit it captivates me with its genuine touch of unique-ness in my living room. Why yes, it's glittered with sparkles and has my brother's artistic work written all over it.
 But for a decoration? It's a keeper.
Black and white
- Such classy colors that give Christmas an edgy feeling. 
I could never get tired of these two classy color combos. I don't see how anyone else could either.
 simplistic sugar cookies
- irresistible on Christmas Eve.
*Hint* : Bake them for "Santa".
 White furniture and accents
- The perfect setting for winter wonderland d├ęcor.
Gold-wrapping paper
- Use the holidays as an opportunity to showcase your favorite color.
Gold <-- enough said.
 Colorful bulbs in a jar
- these can certainly brighten a room even when they're unplugged.
Such a unique decoration for the holidays.
In other words... I love it.
 Holiday Ribbon Tags
- I find these the most adorable tags on presents. 
Even if the gift bag isn't the cutest one out there, these ribbon tags can make it look ten times better.
 Gloves with bows
- I still cannot deny my obsession with bows. 
One of my good friends bought me a pair of gloves with bows for Christmas. (on the top of my Christmas list)
And wearing them sometimes would be an understatement.

 Christmas Countdown: ...tomorrow night!

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