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"Today is November 31st."

Hahaha funny story.
When I got to my third period in school today, I looked down at the paper I was writing on and my eyes drifted to the date.
November 31, 2010

And that's when it hit me. I had been writing 11/31/10 all morning on all my papers! Hahaha leave it to me to write the wrong date...nevertheless, an imaginary one.
Went on my usual walk today around the neighborhood and as I walked house by house, my smile started to fade. Seeing a Christmas tree in every home, sparkling and dazzling through the windows certainly snapped me back into reality.
I don't know why I'm not with it this year. I've been behind on basically everything and I'm not sure what's running through my mind lately that's been keeping me from being updated with the holidays. I'm seriously considering this as a resolution for the New Year.
The sun started to set and that's when all the dazzling Christmas lights flashed on.
There were some of the prettiest Christmas lights I've ever seen and I'm so lucky that I get to see it every year in my neighborhood :)
It's just about that time when every Christmas-related song goes straight into my iPod with no further ado.

As for Christmas decorations, I really want to put up my Christmas tree this weekend if possible. I know it's highly unlikely since I'm so busy over the weekends, but with the holiday season coming in, the sooner the better...right? I learned my lesson last year. Shudder. Last year wasn't the brightest of years. Being the person that I am, I decided to wait last minute on gift shopping and the tree...
Well, hopefully you guys are wiser (than me) when it comes to priorities.
I wouldn't be surprised if you already have your Christmas decorations up.

These are some of my drawings from my sketchbook (below).
I thought it'd fit with my Christmas-related blog. Really wish I could design a collection of holiday cocktail dresses..but for now, the sketchbook's all I have.
Festive holiday dress

reminded me of Katy Perry

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