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You're Number ONE on my Wishlist Baby

And the Christmas Countdown begins!
9 more days until Christmas :)
Today was very well-spent. I went straight to bed after I found out school was cancelled and woke up refreshed with a cup of coffee. Coffee is usually my breakfast since I'm not as hungry in the mornings as I used to be. Did a little online shopping and watched Christmas movies and made sugar cookies with my brother. It's too bad it didn't snow though. This day would've been perfect.
With the Christmas Countdown in session, it’s time I started talking serious about holiday shopping:
As funny and pretentious as they might seem, I’ve always had a soft spot for fingerless gloves. There is something so bold, daring, yet chic about them. Both practical and pretty, they allow you to have full mobility of your fingers (when typing text messages and tweeting away on your iPhone, Blackberry, etc). Besides, they make a perfect Christmas gift.
I’ve want a pair of fabulous fingerless gloves as a gift for Christmas this year. I was thinking about a pair of knitted gloves that I could wear for everyday or when going ice skating. My sister actually got me inspired. They are just so convenient and easy to manage. Seemingly, she bought a pair of fingerless gloves and I think they are just the cutest thing <3

Pashmina Scarf
I love Pashmina scarves. Period. I find these the trendiest accessories for the season.
These are the most comfortable / cutest scarves in general and the best thing is, they're not pricey at all. $15 or so for just one and you can find these little stores everywhere. I spotted one in D.C. during Thanksgiving Break and I've been in love with them ever since. Another thing about these scarves is that not only do they come in patterns but their bold solid colors are to DIE for. They're lightweight and can be worn with almost anything. Perfect Christmas gift? I think soo too.

Pashmina Scarf

"Yule" love spreading holiday cheer with these adorable pastry-shaped lip gloss. Raspberry cream tart, cream tart, chocolate cream puff, and yummy strawberry cream tart. The packaging is just so cute, you can't resist ;) (here). Fredflare has always been my number one online site when it came to cute accessories. From Laffy Taffy scented nail polish to their top-selling giant gummi bear on a stick (here), fredflare has never failed to disappoint me. A few years ago, I ordered a set of dessert erasers that came with cakes, ice cream and even a tray. It was sooo cute and worth my $8!

I laughed a little when I saw their cute new addition to their site: the oversized earbud speakers. SO cute and gift-worthy!

Lauren Conrad has been my style icon / role model since as long as I can remember. Her new STYLE book has inspired me so much. It's such a great Christmas present...I'd give this to anyone who loves her as much as I do.

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  1. LOVE your blog.
    and I agree, Lauren Conrad is the perfect style icon :)


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