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I Fancy That

Loving things for the moment:
 [grandmother's vintage earrings from South Korea]
 [love this plaid pencil skirt...seasonal wear]
[didn't know there were such hats in my household]
 [my new Ralph Lauren bathrobe]
 [this Forever 21 necklace was a Christmas present from one of my best friends.. I love the Aztec-y feel of the necklace and I love wearing them with plain black sweaters]
[Chanel gift bag]

Chocolate Mousse Pudding

When I get bored, I tend to sneak into the kitchen and bake. Or in this case, make chocolate mousse pudding. Yet, another week has flown by and I'm ecstatic about the upcoming weekend. I don't have anything big planned but I certainly do know for a fact that it'll be spent with hours on the computer sending in an online application while getting a hold of a transcript. Oh, and countless hours of sleeping for sure!
Have a great weekend <3

Stripes and Oxfords on Rainy Days

[Striped cardigan: Forever 21; leopard belt: Forever 21; gray turtleneck: Charlotte Russe; Michael Kors sunglasses; vintage earrings from Korea]
Some say rainy days meddle with one's mood. Others say it kindles one's spirits.
When I was little, I hated rain. I hated the feeling of having to stay indoors at all times. But now as I've gotten much older, rain really has no effect on me at all. I always told myself I'd buy a pair of red rainboots to wear whenever it rained. First of all, I never bought a pair of red rainboots and second? It never rained...until now, that is. I must admit the gray oxfords was one of my best buys yet. Not only are they the most comfortable shoes I own, but I wear them practically everywhere.

Making the best use of rainy days, 
xoxo G

Michael Kors sunglasses

A Thing for Spring

I just love the ability of being first to try out new upcoming seasonal trends. 
Color and skinny belts have always been one of my favorite options when it came to clothing and I'm ecstatic to see that they both will still remain a trend in the upcoming spring season. Though, it's not like me to always be following the trends that people set, it's nice to know what the updates are in the world of fashion. Now of course, some of these I would never see myself wearing, but as a wise person would say... you never know until you try. But that doesn't mean I'll end up wearing it either.

A B Sea

Loving things for the moment:
One Day Sail Dress
The fact that I'm already looking at spring / summer trends makes me laugh, since it's still winter. But as always, I love looking ahead so that I could try out new trends and know when the season gets here ;)
Homemade sugar cookies
 Inspirational sketches of true fashionistas
gold skirt that I've always wanted but could never find
I was in love with this dress my best friend wore... drew it for her :)
I never imagined I could wear rompers and pull them off to where they looked good on me until last summer when I bought my first one and I absolutely loved it. Loved loved it.
But now that the weather is getting a tad bit warmer than usual, I'm almost certain my closet's going to be packed with new rompers ranging from floral to solid colors.
3 words: LC knows best.
My first choice of outfit with the romper. Love the straw fedora and oxfords.

Freelance Fashionista

After coming back home from Tennessee and cramming for a week full of exams, I feel as if I have suffered enough. Despite the many late night coffee sips and managing to stay awake past midnight, the results definitely paid off.
But with more important topics in mind, statement necklaces have been catching my eye lately. I love the ability of a statement necklace and how you can simply be wearing a plain top and still look chic. Forever 21 was always the store where I bought most of my accessories and necklaces, but lately I've been looking through Modcloth for that unique taste of jewelry. The main reason I love statement necklaces is because of its inexpensive cost. Honestly, it isn't pricey to buy one and it looks classy added to your everyday wardrobe. "An over-the-top necklace gives new life to a conservative suit and dresses up your weekend jeans-and-tank-top combo."


Love this outfit on Olivia Palermo.
And the statement necklace. Check it.

Embrace Lace

When I think lace, I think girly, feminine, soft, spring-y feeling...
I've always loved lace. And to me, lace never gets old. It tends to remind me of myself when I was younger and played dress-up with a trunk full of old, yet vintage clothing that my grandmother used to own. My grandmother is a fashion designer / artist in South Korea and every time I visit, she takes me to the designer stores and I would admire the gorgeous clothes on racks wishing that one day I could make clothing similar to it and have something to be proud of. I remember a bunch of old classic lace dresses that I wish I would have kept if only I knew style when I was about seven years old.
Actually, the trend popped into my mind as I was packing for the church winter retreat in Tennessee this weekend. I was looking through my closet double-checking if I packed everything and my eyes landed on lace clothing that I haven't worn this year. I pulled them out (I was pretty shocked myself; I honestly don't know what I have in my closet most of the time) and started matching them with winter shorts, pencil skirts and anything else that seemed appropriate for the attire. It sucks to know that I won't be able to blog at all this weekend since I won't be taking my laptop with me, but I'm planning on having the best weekend with some of the best people I know :)
This Spinning Lace Dress from Anthropologie is unfortunately sold out which is a bummer because I've always wanted this vintage-esque frock for upcoming events / parties in the Spring. Winter has always been my favorite season and will be, but I really do miss the warmth of the sun, the flowers, and the green grass in the Spring. I love seeing people dressed in floral and lace and cute hats in the outdoors. It's such a wondrous sight.
I'm a huge fan of plain things but I also have a thing for outfits with a little sophistication in them. Lace never really goes out of fashion. When I wear lace, I try not to wear necklaces or any big jewelry with it because "less is usually more with lace". You want to keep it simple to avoid looking like a decoration.
Lace top: New York & Company

 Lace is More Dress from ModCloth

Ice Ice Baby

Snow Day 3
It's hardly even snow anymore. It's been ice for the last past day or so and the fact that it's literally below freezing outside and the roads are too slippery to drive, means being stuck at home for...well, another 24 hours. Out of boredom, my brother and I wanted to be creative with our version of s'mores (without the graham crackers since we were out) along with eating leftover custard flan. To say they turned out well would be an understatement.

Elements of Elegance

With all the excitement of the last two snow days, I've spent my days out in the snow with friends and family. It felt like Christmas break all over again as the marshmallows, mugs and hot chocolate packets were fetched out of the pantry. I've spent more time blogging than normal, that is indeed a fact, but I have also been focusing more on my studies lately. I'm not sure if it's the exams coming up or if it's just me finally realizing where my attention should be focused. Missing two days of school is great. Three is even better, since I just heard news that school is cancelled tomorrow too. Except every time I think of it, Spring Break reminds me of the shorter days we'll have because of the snow. Honestly, I don't mind a two-hour delay, as long as we don't have to make-up the school days, you know? As I spend a lot of time at home, (because of the icy roads and the snow!) I've been packing for the winter retreat in Tennessee with my church youth group this weekend (I know it's going to be so much fun) and re-organizing my closet so that it's easier to pick out my outfits. My nights have consisted of watching re-runs of Gossip Girl and Laguna Beach while sipping on hot soup. I keep a vanilla bean candle set on the side of my desk that constantly gives off an aroma of vanilla every time I walk in my bedroom :)
We were told to be creative in Apparel Design class. Me and two classmates of mine went straight to work on a Summer in Paris theme.

How Flantastic

My weekend consisted of last minute cramming and studying for the long final exam week ahead. As much as I love blogging, even that had to be put aside for the big textbooks and notes that I'm been skimming through for review. I already know as of now that I'm going to dread this upcoming week. As much as I'd like to get the exams over with, I really don't want to go through with it. The only thing keeping me from stressing out? After I take these exams, it's over. No more...until May, that is.
I get my highlights done every Christmas time. This year, I was a little late due to my mom who just arrived back home from Korea on Friday. With my sister home from college, we wanted to make something yummy for the family before she left.
It's simple, easy and yet so rich and creamy. It's been super long since I've made flan so I certainly wasn't the expert. It's nice to know that I can make flan that actually looks like flan and tastes like flan. Or I'm hoping that's how it's supposed to look like. But it didn't turn out as badly as I thought it would.
 The end results were quite similar to this one. Everyone went right on to eating as soon as it was cold enough so I never got to take a picture of it. One thing's for sure... it was satisfying to know it was that delicious!
bouquet of roses on my kitchen counter
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