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Loving things for the moment:
One Day Sail Dress
The fact that I'm already looking at spring / summer trends makes me laugh, since it's still winter. But as always, I love looking ahead so that I could try out new trends and know when the season gets here ;)
Homemade sugar cookies
 Inspirational sketches of true fashionistas
gold skirt that I've always wanted but could never find
I was in love with this dress my best friend wore... drew it for her :)
I never imagined I could wear rompers and pull them off to where they looked good on me until last summer when I bought my first one and I absolutely loved it. Loved loved it.
But now that the weather is getting a tad bit warmer than usual, I'm almost certain my closet's going to be packed with new rompers ranging from floral to solid colors.
3 words: LC knows best.
My first choice of outfit with the romper. Love the straw fedora and oxfords.

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