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Embrace Lace

When I think lace, I think girly, feminine, soft, spring-y feeling...
I've always loved lace. And to me, lace never gets old. It tends to remind me of myself when I was younger and played dress-up with a trunk full of old, yet vintage clothing that my grandmother used to own. My grandmother is a fashion designer / artist in South Korea and every time I visit, she takes me to the designer stores and I would admire the gorgeous clothes on racks wishing that one day I could make clothing similar to it and have something to be proud of. I remember a bunch of old classic lace dresses that I wish I would have kept if only I knew style when I was about seven years old.
Actually, the trend popped into my mind as I was packing for the church winter retreat in Tennessee this weekend. I was looking through my closet double-checking if I packed everything and my eyes landed on lace clothing that I haven't worn this year. I pulled them out (I was pretty shocked myself; I honestly don't know what I have in my closet most of the time) and started matching them with winter shorts, pencil skirts and anything else that seemed appropriate for the attire. It sucks to know that I won't be able to blog at all this weekend since I won't be taking my laptop with me, but I'm planning on having the best weekend with some of the best people I know :)
This Spinning Lace Dress from Anthropologie is unfortunately sold out which is a bummer because I've always wanted this vintage-esque frock for upcoming events / parties in the Spring. Winter has always been my favorite season and will be, but I really do miss the warmth of the sun, the flowers, and the green grass in the Spring. I love seeing people dressed in floral and lace and cute hats in the outdoors. It's such a wondrous sight.
I'm a huge fan of plain things but I also have a thing for outfits with a little sophistication in them. Lace never really goes out of fashion. When I wear lace, I try not to wear necklaces or any big jewelry with it because "less is usually more with lace". You want to keep it simple to avoid looking like a decoration.
Lace top: New York & Company

 Lace is More Dress from ModCloth

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