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After coming back home from Tennessee and cramming for a week full of exams, I feel as if I have suffered enough. Despite the many late night coffee sips and managing to stay awake past midnight, the results definitely paid off.
But with more important topics in mind, statement necklaces have been catching my eye lately. I love the ability of a statement necklace and how you can simply be wearing a plain top and still look chic. Forever 21 was always the store where I bought most of my accessories and necklaces, but lately I've been looking through Modcloth for that unique taste of jewelry. The main reason I love statement necklaces is because of its inexpensive cost. Honestly, it isn't pricey to buy one and it looks classy added to your everyday wardrobe. "An over-the-top necklace gives new life to a conservative suit and dresses up your weekend jeans-and-tank-top combo."


Love this outfit on Olivia Palermo.
And the statement necklace. Check it.

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