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It's a Little Rooomy in Here

Time has just been consuming my last two weeks. This being the second week of the new year and I'm already trying to cram in appointments / school work / everything else that's on my to-do lists. This shows how great my year has started...
I've seriously reconsidered re-decorating my room with new Christmas d├ęcor that I haven't even touched yet. It's sad to say that my holiday gifts are yet still to be stored safely since they're still neatly tucked inside gift bags lingering over in the corner of my bedroom. But with that over-crammed schedule of mine, it's hard predicting when I'll actually have a chance to reorganize my room. I'm not a typical neat-freak. Sure, I hate messy rooms but it's ironic because my room isn't always well-kept. There's always clothing thrown on my bed, in my closet, on my moon chair, (not on my floor, thank god!) and such. I do have a lot to complain about my room but all the complaining gets me nowhere.

 Monogram G
matches the colors in my room: pink and green.
 New picture frame that I can't wait to hang up on my wall. I'm sure it'll make a great addition to the million other fashion-inspired photos...
 Left over holiday wrapping paper (houndstooth) and a gold ribbon to match.
It's still in my bedroom. I just couldn't get rid of it because it's one of my favorites and I couldn't stand giving it away...
 Present-shaped light box.
I love this and yes, the colors match my room. My best friend gave this to me as a Christmas present last year and I've kept up with it ever since. It's one of my favorite items on my desk and I love the fact that it illuminates my room at night when the lights are off.
I miss Gossip Girl so much.
Jan. 24th neeeeds to get here already...
My new Viva La Juicy parfum that keeps my room smelling heavenly.
 Been keeping myself updated on Olivia Palermo's stylish outfits.
Spent New Year's Eve with family and friends.
Sequin top: Forever 21
Black denims: Ann Taylor Loft
Watch: Boutique in Sanford
Curled low-sided ponytail
My new camera that I recently received for Christmas works inevitably well.
I love it so much. I'm trying my very best to avoid any cause of damage or scratches.
This being one of the best cameras I've ever gotten, I guarantee it'll be taken well care of.

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