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Everyday Embellishments

This weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in awhile. It also happened to be my birthday weekend which consisted of a wonderful Saturday morning spent at the spa and lunch with the girls afterwards. Being such a coffee-fanatic as I am, I made it a necessity for a Starbucks run with my mom and ended up at home with a brand new straw fedora. I couldn't help but even tweet about it. I seriously have a sudden obsession with fedoras. I'm not sure if it's the warm, breezy weather outside that's getting to me or what. The best thing about fedoras? You can look as stylish as you want without doing practically anything to your hair. And for a busy girl like me, that trick comes in handy!
Loving things for the moment:
 [captivating springtime in my backyard]
 [beautiful flowers surrounding my yard]
 [tomatoes that grow outside my house]

 [A sketching of Blair Waldorf that inspires me]
[Minka Kelly- I have the biggest obsession with straw fedoras because of her, 
in the movie The Roommate]
[I miss the beach. Enough said]
 [gold blazers like B's]
What She's Wearing
Balmain Gold Breasted Double Brocade Jacket $3,590
Stella McCartney Narrow Cuffed Pants $585 

Leather and Florals

I've always wanted a leather jacket.
But finding the perfect leather jacket was always a problem for me. Well, consider that problem solved.
It's funny how whenever I go shopping, I always end up buying something unintentionally. I wasn't looking for a leather jacket. I was shopping for a birthday present for a friend of mine, but it was the last one on the rack simply do not get another opportunity like this. You just don't.
So there, I took full advantage of the matter and bought the jacket and I don't regret it at all. In fact, I've worn it twice already this week and I'm just ecstatic that my search for a leather jacket is finally over.
Have a great weekend!


One of the spirit week days at school for homecoming week was Little Kid Day. Usually these ideas take time when I really put thought into them, but when I thought Little Kid Day, Madeline from the book series I used to read when I was a little girl, came to mind. I never really paid much attention to just how adorable Madeline dresses. But now, with that perfect idea I put it to good use. Luckily, I had every item already at home. The fun part was putting it together. I'm not gonna lie, that whole day, I felt like a little French school girl. It was the best feeling...EVER.

Spring Transition

As the seasons progress, so does my interest in seasonal items. That being a given factor, spring has always interested me in its variety of florals, gladiator sandals, and straw fedoras. With my birthday being tomorrow, I've spent some time shopping online for the best deals and sales. Not to long ago, I found the perfect leather jacket of my dreams. It also happened to be the last one on the rack and I'm so blessed I got to it before anyone else did. I've just recently started pulling out my gladiator sandals and flip-flops as the weather starts to get warmer. I even ordered a fedora hat from Urban Outfitters (this one) and a plaid oxford shirt from Forever 21 that I plan to wear as spring rolls on in.
[Colorblocking: one of my favorite spring trends]


 Banana pudding is my specialty. Not only do I have a healthy obsession with bananas (and fruit in general), but I love whisking mixtures together. Fruit is practically my meals and snacks 24/7. I live on them, snack on them, and crave for them. And I never get tired of it. The other day I raided my glass cupboard in my dining room and found a set of cute parfait cups I could use for puddings and parfaits and other scrumptious desserts.

It's Getting Hot in Hair

I'm the type of person who is willing to try unique hairstyles and wear them (if they look sufficient enough to wear in public). Whenever I'm too lazy to do something cute with my hair, I usually throw it up in a curled ponytail. For me, it's simple and easy. My hair is already thick as it is and surely I know it can't get any thicker than that. I love curled hair in general and wish it was a natural hairstyle for me. I've gotten a lot of compliments about the "one-curled ponytail" in school and I didn't think it brought that much attention to people. 
Guess I was wrong.

Rose and Shine

I love the versatile ability of a scarf. I decided to have a little Valentine's Day spirit and wore it 4 days ago on the actual day. It was totally perfect with the earrings I had to match. Recently, I have realized that red and black have been two colors I've worn multiple times, let alone on Valentine's Day. I'm a colorific person meaning I love color (defining that on my own terms, that is), and it's odd to say that I haven't focused much on color in my everyday outfits other than the two I've mentioned. I'm in love with the design of this scarf and it was perfect for the roses and candy-hearted occasion.
Have a great weekend!

Cupcake Connoisseur

My Valentine's Day... was spectacular. In my previous blog post I made it almost certain how my terrible Valentine's Day would be spent. (like every other single girl in the world). Well that took a turn just about after dinner when I was finishing up homework, getting ready to watch 90210 (one of my three favorite shows), and watching my elementary school brother savoring over a box of chocolates that he had received in class. (I wish I could go back to elementary school-- at least the little kids exchanged chocolates and cards...)
Anyway, my point being, the doorbell rang and I opened it in shock to find that my best friend and her mom had a basket of Valentine's Day homemade cupcakes with a card. The cupcakes were insanely delicious and the card was TOO sweet.
I was speechless...literally. And just like that, my horrible, awful day turned out to be a great one.
It was the sweetest thing and I'm so thankful to have such wonderful people in my life :)
I mean, who needs guys when you have friends like mine?
** Oh, I also wanted to bring up the fact that I loved receiving emails and comments about my blog- thank you for those people out there reading it. It truly made my day to have such wonderful fans like that. So if you guys have any questions, or just want to talk to me about blogging...please email me!
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Much appreciated, xoxo...


Incense Sensibility

Loving things for the moment:
[unique hairstyles that I'm willing to try]
 [Macaroons: Valentine's Day style, that can make my stomach growl for hours]
[matching accessories with an outfit]
[a beret like Spencer Hastings in Pretty Little Liars]
[cute collages that relate to Valentine's Day]
[inspirational photos on my bedroom walls]
 [Cappuchino pie like none other]
 [inspiration tacked on my board above my desk]

Valentine's Day: Victorian Style

Heart-shaped candies, pretty cards, lots of xoxoxo's, chocolates and sweets, romantic dinners, roses, candles...
no wonder Valentine's Day is most people's favorite holiday.
Most special days of the year we are led to believe that the essential gift has to include chocolate. Valentine's Day just so happens to be today and I feel the need to bake something super cute and fabulous. In my younger years I always put ribbons on chocolate bars and wrapped them in pretty packages and distributed them out to my best friends with tiny Happy Valentine's Day notes on them. But now as I think about it, the whole concept I had going wasn't nearly as romantic. Just like any other holidays, Valentine's Day goes by too fast and just like every other day I'm always busy. Brownies are my favorites on cute holidays as these, which is why I want to plan a surprise for my family with the cutest Valentine's treats <3
 Not only do couples plan for the best romantic nights, but it's a day of giving and love. I love this quote and live by it everyday. 
"You can love without giving, but you can't give without loving." 
I always loved the concept of giving flowers and chocolates, but haven't received one from someone that I care enough about on this very special day. But of course, I'm not going to let that make me hate the holiday. In fact, I plan on spending Valentine's Day myself at home watching 'Valentine's Day' [cutest movie ever] and indulging on a box of chocolates.
Victorian Style caramels
recipe [here]
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