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This weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in awhile. It also happened to be my birthday weekend which consisted of a wonderful Saturday morning spent at the spa and lunch with the girls afterwards. Being such a coffee-fanatic as I am, I made it a necessity for a Starbucks run with my mom and ended up at home with a brand new straw fedora. I couldn't help but even tweet about it. I seriously have a sudden obsession with fedoras. I'm not sure if it's the warm, breezy weather outside that's getting to me or what. The best thing about fedoras? You can look as stylish as you want without doing practically anything to your hair. And for a busy girl like me, that trick comes in handy!
Loving things for the moment:
 [captivating springtime in my backyard]
 [beautiful flowers surrounding my yard]
 [tomatoes that grow outside my house]

 [A sketching of Blair Waldorf that inspires me]
[Minka Kelly- I have the biggest obsession with straw fedoras because of her, 
in the movie The Roommate]
[I miss the beach. Enough said]
 [gold blazers like B's]
What She's Wearing
Balmain Gold Breasted Double Brocade Jacket $3,590
Stella McCartney Narrow Cuffed Pants $585 

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