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Valentine's Day: Victorian Style

Heart-shaped candies, pretty cards, lots of xoxoxo's, chocolates and sweets, romantic dinners, roses, candles...
no wonder Valentine's Day is most people's favorite holiday.
Most special days of the year we are led to believe that the essential gift has to include chocolate. Valentine's Day just so happens to be today and I feel the need to bake something super cute and fabulous. In my younger years I always put ribbons on chocolate bars and wrapped them in pretty packages and distributed them out to my best friends with tiny Happy Valentine's Day notes on them. But now as I think about it, the whole concept I had going wasn't nearly as romantic. Just like any other holidays, Valentine's Day goes by too fast and just like every other day I'm always busy. Brownies are my favorites on cute holidays as these, which is why I want to plan a surprise for my family with the cutest Valentine's treats <3
 Not only do couples plan for the best romantic nights, but it's a day of giving and love. I love this quote and live by it everyday. 
"You can love without giving, but you can't give without loving." 
I always loved the concept of giving flowers and chocolates, but haven't received one from someone that I care enough about on this very special day. But of course, I'm not going to let that make me hate the holiday. In fact, I plan on spending Valentine's Day myself at home watching 'Valentine's Day' [cutest movie ever] and indulging on a box of chocolates.
Victorian Style caramels
recipe [here]

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