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Pearly Whites...and Blues

I realized yesterday that I am in a desperate need of cleaning my room.
I know how much I have been slacking considering that I'm not one to leave a messy room without having the sense of cleaning it up. (here) Despite my best efforts, I dug up a jewelry box in the jewelry stash that I am ashamed to call 'my neat and organized jewelry collection' due to its messiness. It contained a whole bunch of jewelry and I came to a sudden conclusion that most of my jewelry was from Forever 21. My friends know me too well, since most of them happened to be birthday presents.
 Forever 21 ring
Bijuju floral/pearl necklace
 Forever 21 rose bangle bracelet
 Forever 21 earrings (my favorite pair)

Chai Skies

This past weekend I've checked out a ton of blogs for inspiration due to the rainy weekend spent indoors. Though, the temperature surely dropped insanely to the point where it felt like winter all over again. I even brought my brown boots out and wore them to church on Sunday because it was frigid outside. With the remaining leftovers of hot chocolate packs still stuffed away in my pantry, I took advantage of the cold weather and spent the wet, chilly, Saturday night sipping hot chocolate and bundling up in fleecy blankets while watching Morning Glory. (cutest movie btw- Rachel McAdams is the cutest actress ever). I still so happen to enjoy movie nights cozying up with the family.
I've been bending over backwards trying to find ways to promote my blog to reach my goal of at least 50 followers. I know being a sixteen year old in high school isn't an excuse, but I have been driving myself to the point of insanity by staying up until four in the morning to research more about blogs and what other ways to improve them. It's easier to promote them on Facebook and Twitter where simplicity is just a click of a mouse.
Oh, how I miss New York City. I took this on the top of the Empire State Building two summers ago.
 I find skies to be apalling. The beauty of it in general never fails to amaze me. It's days like these when I just ponder and look up to the sky and all my distracting thoughts vanish away.

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Spring Carnation

For the spring season, I like to pull out my various pearls and cream-colored tops and match them together for that feminine feel. Lately, I've fallen for anything with rose prints and soft, pastel colors. Due to all the haziness of the pollen in the air, I always brush off my clothing before entering the house in order to avoid pollen in my home at all costs. Though this weekend's plans are not as divulging as other weekends, the thought of finally being able to sleep in seems to endure my happiness.
Have a splendid weekend.
Loving things for the moment:
[Lace and pearls. Need I say more?]
 [Florals are a classic. And the back of this dress is so retro.]
[Checkerboard chocolates...yuuuuum.]
[I love how this blazer draws attention. With shimmer and shine: just how any girl would like it.]
[New York City <3
Photographers and their keen way of taking such beautiful photos.]
[the cutest umbrella rack that would fit snugly in my foyer.]
[finding new Gossip Girl season 4 pictures. Especially of  Blair in ravishing outfits.
Torquoise-colored scarf blends perfectly with the off-white cream coat.]

What She's Wearing
Milly Chain Coat $451
Louis Vuitton Les Extraordinaires Monogram Guipure (type of lace) Satchel
Oscar de la Renta Scarf Modal-Blend Scarf
Giuseppe Zanotti Nude Pointed Patent Pumps $535 

Yogen Früz

Tweeted on Sunday: going to the mall JUST to get #frozenyogurt. Now that's what I call an obsession.

This past weekend I found it absolutely possible to have a healthy obsession with frozen yogurt. If it wasn't for my sister informing me of the Yogen Früz stand in the food court at the mall, I would have never known it was there. I've only been there three times so far and I am already in love. My favorite would have to be the strawberry and blueberry blended non fat no sugar added vanilla frozen yogurt. Wow, talk about a mouth full. It's even funnier when I say the whole thing to the employee and she's scribbling it down just to get it all. It's a mixture of fruits and yogurt, a few of my favorite treats, all blended in one. If it's going to be an obsession, at least make it healthy right? 
[non fat no sugar added vanilla frozen yogurt blended with strawberries and blueberries. 
For more about Yogen Früz, click here]

Colorblock for Spring

I love how versatile a colorblock dress can be. I used to spot all those colorblock dresses in Forever 21 or H&M whenever I went shopping and never bothered to look at them or even try them on. Because of the ridiculous dress code at my school, my style is slowly starting to change to the 'less is more' policy. I used to love wearing skirts, tights, blazers, and headbands to school all the time last year. I mean don't get me wrong, I still love wearing those outfits but, I've drifted over towards loving simple and classy outfits. For instance, a leather jacket and maybe a cute floral top?
[Chloe colorblock dresses]
When matching accessories with colorblock dresses, it's best to choose that one color that complements the outfit. Like Beth (right), the white shoes and white clutch are a nice touch. I admire Leighton Meester's (left) one-of-a-kind unique slip-through clutch on the other hand.
[Blair's colorblock dress from It's a Wonderful Lie]
I am proud to say that I still very well remember the first season of Gossip Girl. I also remember this very outfit Blair wore in this episode and I fell in love with it at the time. As far as I know, Blair Waldorf will always be my favorite style icon.

Crystalline Sky

 With some time to spare, I had fun taking photos on the beach. The weather was phenomenal, though it was slightly too cold to go in the ocean but the sun was shining and the breeze was blowing.
It's not often at times when you get weather like this. Especially at the beach. It's safe to say that today marks the second day of Spring. I love how my mom informs me about the weather every single morning. There isn't a morning when she doesn't. Tomorrow is supposed to be around the 60s and then Tuesday should hit 80. As much as I love summer, I also want to get the most out of spring. I want sunshine and I want the cool breeze. Summer is long enough on its own and I certainly don't want the weather to drastically change from winter to summer. Taking this beautiful weather day by day is just how I like it. 
Spring has sprung.

Fair Trade Fashionista

It's officially Friday.
Four days ago I was groaning and moaning of having to go through another week and with much effort in that, time has flown.
Loving things for the moment:
 [no editing done. I took this of my brother]
 [I was in love with this shot]
[seagulls in the early mornings]
[sweet reflection over a pool of water]
 [shadow pictures]
[I love the cropped slouchy pants look. ^Olivia Palermo pulls it off with perfection. It has this edgy feel to it and I've always wanted a pair]
As soon as I laid eyes on this chic, colorful look from Fab reader brunetteblogging, I knew it had to be copied. I love how she created a cool color-blocking effect by tucking a mustard-colored tank into a pleated navy skirt, then cinched it in at the waist with a wide white belt. For accessories, she chose a pair of cute leopard Mary Janes and a structured, doctor-style satchel. Not only is the color combo totally fresh, but the look can easily go from day to night. Well put.
[Aria and Ezra are the cutest couple on Pretty Little Liars. And please acknowledge Aria's straw fedora]
[this is the cutest thing]
[Keeping a little inspiration here and there on-the-go]

Introducing the "Brun"

It's lazy days like these that never fail me. I have no tolerance for rushed mornings. They sure bring out the worst in me and it's particularly not the kind of morning that anyone would ever hope for. Unfortunately, I have been lacking on sleep and living on coffee to get through the day. As unhealthy as that sounds, I am trying to fix that habit. But in the meantime, I barely have time in the mornings so this is sometimes the outcome of my hair. A friend of mine in class calls it 'the brun'. Not knowing at first what that meant, he told me it was his version of 'the braided bun'. I simply call it genius. No one else knows how to make a brun and I get questioned for it in the school hallways. 
I can still be stylish without spending too much time on my hair. How about that.

Blue Me Away

I know I mentioned my love for blue vivid nails (here). With my sister on Spring Break, seeming that she's in college at Chapel Hill, it was a perfect opportunity for the family to take a beach trip for the weekend. I also begged her all week to paint her nails with the new Blue Me Away nail polish I had bought not too long ago. She's not the bright-colored nail-polish type of girl, but I knew she'd agree when I told her it was Carolina Blue (UNC color) and that it would mean repping for her college. Especially with the UNC-Duke game that happened Sunday afternoon. (still can't believe they lost...) So with that, I painted both our nails blue. Success!
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