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Chai Skies

This past weekend I've checked out a ton of blogs for inspiration due to the rainy weekend spent indoors. Though, the temperature surely dropped insanely to the point where it felt like winter all over again. I even brought my brown boots out and wore them to church on Sunday because it was frigid outside. With the remaining leftovers of hot chocolate packs still stuffed away in my pantry, I took advantage of the cold weather and spent the wet, chilly, Saturday night sipping hot chocolate and bundling up in fleecy blankets while watching Morning Glory. (cutest movie btw- Rachel McAdams is the cutest actress ever). I still so happen to enjoy movie nights cozying up with the family.
I've been bending over backwards trying to find ways to promote my blog to reach my goal of at least 50 followers. I know being a sixteen year old in high school isn't an excuse, but I have been driving myself to the point of insanity by staying up until four in the morning to research more about blogs and what other ways to improve them. It's easier to promote them on Facebook and Twitter where simplicity is just a click of a mouse.
Oh, how I miss New York City. I took this on the top of the Empire State Building two summers ago.
 I find skies to be apalling. The beauty of it in general never fails to amaze me. It's days like these when I just ponder and look up to the sky and all my distracting thoughts vanish away.

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