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It's officially Friday.
Four days ago I was groaning and moaning of having to go through another week and with much effort in that, time has flown.
Loving things for the moment:
 [no editing done. I took this of my brother]
 [I was in love with this shot]
[seagulls in the early mornings]
[sweet reflection over a pool of water]
 [shadow pictures]
[I love the cropped slouchy pants look. ^Olivia Palermo pulls it off with perfection. It has this edgy feel to it and I've always wanted a pair]
As soon as I laid eyes on this chic, colorful look from Fab reader brunetteblogging, I knew it had to be copied. I love how she created a cool color-blocking effect by tucking a mustard-colored tank into a pleated navy skirt, then cinched it in at the waist with a wide white belt. For accessories, she chose a pair of cute leopard Mary Janes and a structured, doctor-style satchel. Not only is the color combo totally fresh, but the look can easily go from day to night. Well put.
[Aria and Ezra are the cutest couple on Pretty Little Liars. And please acknowledge Aria's straw fedora]
[this is the cutest thing]
[Keeping a little inspiration here and there on-the-go]


  1. Gah, obsessed with PLL!! Ian Harding is so adorably sexy, and I love Lucy Hale's style.

    Xo Chelle

  2. Love those yellow platforms! can't believe they're only 40 bucks.


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