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Introducing the "Brun"

It's lazy days like these that never fail me. I have no tolerance for rushed mornings. They sure bring out the worst in me and it's particularly not the kind of morning that anyone would ever hope for. Unfortunately, I have been lacking on sleep and living on coffee to get through the day. As unhealthy as that sounds, I am trying to fix that habit. But in the meantime, I barely have time in the mornings so this is sometimes the outcome of my hair. A friend of mine in class calls it 'the brun'. Not knowing at first what that meant, he told me it was his version of 'the braided bun'. I simply call it genius. No one else knows how to make a brun and I get questioned for it in the school hallways. 
I can still be stylish without spending too much time on my hair. How about that.


  1. totally jealous. I absolutely love that look, but have the thinnest hair and could never pull that off!

  2. you are doing this to my hair very soon! :)

    --sarah :)


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