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Life's a Beach

There's nothing better than having a weekend getaway to the beach. I'm already packing for the road trip tomorrow and I couldn't be any thrilled. I live for these getaway weekends where I can just relax and enjoy myself for once without stressing about school or staying up late at night working. It's hard as it is and all I need now is a vacation. With this last minute beach trip planned, I couldn't help but look through all my past memorable summer pictures and it made me long for the warm weather. I can already see myself taking a stroll on the beach early in the morning to see the sunset with my flip-flops in hand. It's the perfect time to spend with family and it's a three whole days of memories that I'll remember for a lifetime.
With the weekend plan still in way, here's a few loving things for the moment:
[oatmeal with blueberries & raspberries. My typical breakfast. Sooo goood and healthy]
['Blagger by Butter.'
I have fallen in love with vivid colors like this blue nail polish. 
Buy it here: $14,]
[Last year's beach pictures. So excited for the weekend!]
[It rained for the first time today in weeks and the fact that I hadn't prepared for the drizzle upsets me in every way possible. I wish I could look this cute when it rains. There's nothing classier than topping an eccentric black dress with strappy heels and a black umbrella to match.]

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