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As for my complaint on how this week's been such a drag on Twitter, I am pleased to say that it is officially Friday. It sure did feel like forever for it to finally get here. I'm so pumped for this weekend because I already know it consists of shopping in Raleigh with my sister all day Saturday and coffee dates at the usual Starbucks with my girl friends on Sunday. I'm expecting a warm and spring-y feel to this weekend's weather so I can finally wear my new birthday present- my Urban Outfitters Ivory straw fedora. I've been dying to wear it and it serves as a reminder that Spring is on it's way. Eighteen days to be exact.
Spring = March 22nd.
Loving things for the moment:
[Fall 2011 Fashion Week, New York: Jason Wu's LBD
-- calling all Audrey Hepburn fans!]
[old modeling pictures I found in my laptop]
[Banana-Cocoa Soy Smoothie to start the day out right, nutritionally speaking: perfect for breakfast-on-the-go]
(recipe here)
[shimmery skirts that draw attention... like Olivia Palermo's]
[accessories that complement the outfit]
[As Spring starts rolling in, I'll be on the hunt for floral dresses which is a given every spring time]
[I've had an obsession with granola bars lately. As delicious as the Special K bars that I've been snacking on are, I've found a few granola bar recipes that I can try at home that I plan on trying out this weekend.]


  1. u look really cute!
    i esp love ur stockings :)

  2. you look adorable! i can't pull off blazers OR blue leggings like you! love olivia's shimmery skirt.



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