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Pearly Whites...and Blues

I realized yesterday that I am in a desperate need of cleaning my room.
I know how much I have been slacking considering that I'm not one to leave a messy room without having the sense of cleaning it up. (here) Despite my best efforts, I dug up a jewelry box in the jewelry stash that I am ashamed to call 'my neat and organized jewelry collection' due to its messiness. It contained a whole bunch of jewelry and I came to a sudden conclusion that most of my jewelry was from Forever 21. My friends know me too well, since most of them happened to be birthday presents.
 Forever 21 ring
Bijuju floral/pearl necklace
 Forever 21 rose bangle bracelet
 Forever 21 earrings (my favorite pair)


  1. first love your nails awesome color!!! Cute jewelery, love forever21!!! Following U, check out my blog n follow If U like! :)


  2. Looking at jewelry collections is my favorite thing! I also get the majority of mine from Forever 21. They have such fun stuff.. especially the rings. The more obnoxiously big, the better! Awesome flower ring and nail polish. =) I'm following you.

  3. Cute! Love the pearl/flower necklace! Who ever gave that to you must be an amazing friend! :)

    Love you!!!

    ps: its from bijuju

  4. Love the ring and love your nails!!! Very cute!



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