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Pretty Little Layers

 These pictures pretty much sum up my weekend. 
It's a weekly thing where my mom and I wake up early Saturday morning to go grocery shopping. We have a little Starbucks date afterwards before heading home. My favorite part is picking out my favorite fresh fruits, watching my mom hand-wash them and then popping them into my mouth. I could savor the taste for hours. Fresh fruit is simply amazing. Other than buying delicious fruit, I headed up to Raleigh and shopped all day at the Crabtree Valley Mall. Lines were hectic, especially at H&M. I swear, I literally waited 45 minutes in the dressing room line. I'm not a patient person when it comes to lines, so you could imagine how I felt standing there. (awful, awful, awful!) Because of the change of seasons, there were a ton of chic floral / Spring skirts that I couldn't help but buy. Now my closet contains a variety of colors and prints that seem to blend in together nicely.
It being Monday, I'm excited to watch Pretty Little Liars tonight on abcfamily. With Gossip Girl on hiatus till April (that is absolutely crazy), Pretty Little Liars pretty much sum up my Monday nights.

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