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Spring Carnation

For the spring season, I like to pull out my various pearls and cream-colored tops and match them together for that feminine feel. Lately, I've fallen for anything with rose prints and soft, pastel colors. Due to all the haziness of the pollen in the air, I always brush off my clothing before entering the house in order to avoid pollen in my home at all costs. Though this weekend's plans are not as divulging as other weekends, the thought of finally being able to sleep in seems to endure my happiness.
Have a splendid weekend.
Loving things for the moment:
[Lace and pearls. Need I say more?]
 [Florals are a classic. And the back of this dress is so retro.]
[Checkerboard chocolates...yuuuuum.]
[I love how this blazer draws attention. With shimmer and shine: just how any girl would like it.]
[New York City <3
Photographers and their keen way of taking such beautiful photos.]
[the cutest umbrella rack that would fit snugly in my foyer.]
[finding new Gossip Girl season 4 pictures. Especially of  Blair in ravishing outfits.
Torquoise-colored scarf blends perfectly with the off-white cream coat.]

What She's Wearing
Milly Chain Coat $451
Louis Vuitton Les Extraordinaires Monogram Guipure (type of lace) Satchel
Oscar de la Renta Scarf Modal-Blend Scarf
Giuseppe Zanotti Nude Pointed Patent Pumps $535 


  1. I love lace and pearls. :) They're the epitome of femininity! And of course who doesn't love Blair Waldorf? She look so refined!

    Great pics! Love your taste

  2. Love this post, so cute!!!Thanks for sharing!


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