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Sunrise at the Beach

 Sunrise at the beach is so captivating and beautiful. My amazing beach trip might have been a wee short, but I would take a quick getaway any day. It's worth waking up at 6 am in the morning to step out and watch the sun rise over the horizon. I'm actually surprised by the pictures I took this weekend. They turned out pretty great and the quality looks amazing. My weekend was a full two days of relaxation. Literally.
My family has a thing for seafood, especially at the beach. We checked out new seafood grills, shopped at outlets, walked alongside the beach for a couple some miles, and had a fun fest of movie night back at the hotel.
Oh, the luxury of a hotel... I hit the jacuzzi as soon as we checked in. That's a no brainer, for those who know me. I took a good book with me and sat outside on the balcony looking over the ocean with a hot chocolate in hand. Having to return back home was the worst part.

[reflection of a hotel. I couldn't be more proud of this shot.]


  1. I love all of these gorgeous beach photos -- so pretty!
    xo Josie

  2. These photos are so great, now I want to be on a beach!!


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