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Weather it's Sun or Rain...

I have this thing where I like to dress for the weather. Or maybe it's more a common thing and I just haven't realized it yet... When it snows, I'm going to put on a cute coat. When it's sunny, I'm going to wear a hat. When it rains? I'm going to put on a rain coat. I've always wanted a pair of red or yellow solid-colored rain boots, and swore to myself I'd buy a pair whenever I had the chance, but unfortunately my closet still has yet one important essential missing. Rain boots, that is. I like to raid my mother's closet when I'm bored. She has a ton of cute clothes that I "borrow" from time to time. As I was looking, I couldn't help but pull out this genuine rain coat that was bought in London a long time ago. It's gorgeous and it so happened to be raining so I wore it. I never suspected to find anything more chic, but look at that...

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