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Yogen Früz

Tweeted on Sunday: going to the mall JUST to get #frozenyogurt. Now that's what I call an obsession.

This past weekend I found it absolutely possible to have a healthy obsession with frozen yogurt. If it wasn't for my sister informing me of the Yogen Früz stand in the food court at the mall, I would have never known it was there. I've only been there three times so far and I am already in love. My favorite would have to be the strawberry and blueberry blended non fat no sugar added vanilla frozen yogurt. Wow, talk about a mouth full. It's even funnier when I say the whole thing to the employee and she's scribbling it down just to get it all. It's a mixture of fruits and yogurt, a few of my favorite treats, all blended in one. If it's going to be an obsession, at least make it healthy right? 
[non fat no sugar added vanilla frozen yogurt blended with strawberries and blueberries. 
For more about Yogen Früz, click here]


  1. Love the blog, that looks yummy! Following back xo

  2. Dear Spencer,
    We should definitely have a fro yo date! Very soon! :)

    Love, Hanna

    ps: you should totaly do a pll post! just saying :)


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