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You, Me & D.C.

My eventful Spring Break consisted of sleeping in until noon, boat rides to the private Bear Island, dining in the luxurious L'Enfant Plaza Hotel, shopping in Georgetown, exploring downtown D.C., making lemon meringue pie, watching an unlimited amount of movies, tweeting my whereabouts like none other, watching re-runs of Gossip Girl, 90210, and Nikita. And maybe a little of Glee, but only because my cousins got me hooked, endless nights of Just Dance 1 and 2 [I pretty much have all the dances memorized], and finally indulging fro-yo at TuttiMelon. {which you can check out here}
It was exciting being able to take photographs with a Canon D60 camera that belonged to my uncle who also swung in from VA with my cousins and grandparents for a three-day family reunion. Within those three days, I relished experimenting different shots [I'll post the pictures soon!] pleasurably ranging from flowers to beach shots.

Take a Bow

 I'm a sucker for florals and anything that screams 'girly' especially on Easter Sunday. Though pictures may be deceiving, these shoes are clunky and harder than wooden heels can get. But despite the loudness of the clinking and clanking, they are one of my favorite pairs of heels and for a girl who loves to match everything (and I mean...everything), it was quite a necessity to match both bows. I hate that I wasn't able to upload my Easter pictures much sooner. I have the impromptu road trip to D.C. to blame. As soon as service was over, my parents informed me that we were leaving at 2 p.m. That only gave me two hours to pack and for those who do not know me, I hate hate hate being rushed.
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Wearing: F21 Twist Dress, Gianni Bini bowed heels

Blog Award

It is quite an honor to receive my very first blog award. Thanks to the beautiful Wendy from the fabulous blog Domestic Sweetheart who awarded me as one of her recipients for the One Lovely Blog Award!
As a recipient, I am supposed to share 7 things about myself and then award 15 more bloggers.

Seven things:

1. I'm not ashamed to say that I have every single Gossip Girl season and episode memorized. Best show ever, for those who don't know what they're missing out on.

2. I am obsessed with eating avocados plain. When people snack, they reach for chips or cookies, but when I snack I reach for an avocado. Healthy and nourishing.

3. I am a sophomore only in high school and blogging about fashion has become a real passion of mine.

4. It's been a lifetime dream of mine to go to Paris. In fact, I'm visiting Italy this summer and it is quite possible, that along the way I'll stop by in Paris.

5. I am a sucker for old-time movie classics such as Breakfast at Tiffany's, Roman Holiday, My Fair Lady, Clueless...etc.

6. I prefer winter over summer.

7. My favorite color is usually based on my mood. Right now I'm feeling teal because well, it so happens to be the color of my nails and I have a thing for nails that complement the outfit.

15 blogs that I would like to award with the One Lovely Blog Award, in no particular order:
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Here Comes the Sun

Despite the bright sun shining, I wanted an outfit fit for the hot weather. A tribal skirt and Aztec-y necklace seemed quite appropriate. {Last seen here.} I bought this skirt not too long ago. I have not been able to wear it out much because of the overcapacity of my closet. Even though the pattern is eye-catching and easy to spot, my eyes beg to differ. I miss it every time I look for it and now I hang it right in front of the closet door so it serves as a reminder that it's there. My best friend lately has me quite hooked on the whole tribal wear, so I have her to thank. There's one thing I simply cannot deny: her extravagant taste in tribal-esque jewelry.

~Spring Break pictures soon to come~
Wearing: H&M brown ruffled top, F21 tribal skirt, F21 necklace

Pastel Perfect

Happy Easter!
 My attention towards pastels have taken a turn for the bubbly occasion. I've taken slight interest towards baby pink, baby blue, and light purple colored nail polish (Essie, below). I am a sucker for pastels. Easter always had a way of reminding me the many shades of pastels and eggs dipped in dye. And not only that, but the delight of making Easter treats, such as homemade rice krispy treat specials for the wonderful holiday. But this Easter will be much different than the previous years since today in a couple of hours I will be heading to D.C. for a long 6-hour road trip. I have never been a big fan of car rides, but it's the thought of shopping in Georgetown that provides me with such comfort.

Spring Break

Today marks the official beginning of my 10-day Spring Break.
This year I have plans spent in place varying from Myrtle Beach, SC to Washington D.C. Due to the tragic tornado damages in my hometown, my family and I are still determining and clarifying exactly where we plan to stay. So here's a list of things that I plan to accomplish for the next week. I have been experimenting with photography for a while now and I find this break to allow me to do just that. And as for checking out new blogs for inspiration, do share a few of your favorites or leave your own in my comment box. I will check them out for sure!
[Go to Georgetown in D.C.
Shopping purposes, indulging on their cupcakes...etc.
For more info about Georgetown Cupcakes, click here]
[Decorate Easter eggs for Sunday.]
  [Catch up on Gossip Girl and 90210.]
 [Head back to Myrtle Beach, SC.
This shot was taken near the end of March. The water was too cold but hopefully next week it warms up!
beach post here]

What are a few of your favorite blogs?
I will be back..with plenty of pictures to share!


Taupes and Dreams

Fridays are the days that I enjoy compiling a few things that I love simply because, what's better than ending the week with a collection of photos to gush over?
My point exactly.
After spending a countless amount of hours checking multiple blogs, I have come to realize that my city is absolutely boring. And I mean this in every way possible. There is honestly nothing to do or go to in Fayetteville. No exquisite restaurants, no nothing. At times like these, I wished I lived in someplace like New York City or even LA where walking is more common than driving. It's no wonder I flee Fayetteville when it comes to breaks.
Speaking of breaks... thank god it's Spring Break.
Have a splendid weekend!
 [beach trips. looking forward to them next week.]
[rose outside my kitchen window.]
[What other way to quench my thirst than a Tazo Shaken Iced Passion Tea (here) from Starbucks?]
[sparkly jeweled-clutches. eye-popper, for sure.]
[my favorite pair of shoes from the gorgeous Chictopian LISSAKAHAYON. Her style is quite inspiring.
[LC's Style book. A good read on a chill weekend.]
[Blair Waldorf. 
There's no other independent woman quite like her. Note the extravagance of her hat. Simply classy.]
[reminders serving their purpose. My dream to travel there someday.]
 [love love pink-bowed skirts. Such a girly and feminine look. Another addition to my summer wish-list.]
 [matching tops and bottoms with precise color coordination.]
[Lately I've been obsessed with unique backs of tops and dresses. They create so much more animosity to an outfit.]

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