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Fab Friday

Happy April Fool's Day!
Loving things for the moment:
 [beautiful flowers and a good ideal Saturday mornings]
 [ModCloth Secluded Gardens dress I've been obsessing over for the longest time. 
But it's sold out. Just my luck. here]
 [black heels, bows and pearls. Essentials to every girl's wardrobe.]
 [Craaazy in love with Whitney Port's neon dress]
 [One of my favorite Chictopians. She has the cutest outfits and I find this colorblocking outfit a total eye-catcher. click lissakahayon ]
 [obsession with pastel blue nails lately. Previous blog posts if you haven't noticed already...]
 [viewing old Gossip Girl photos. And yes, I still believe Chuck and Blair belong together :)
April 18th is only 18 days away...]
[giving strawberries an extra sugary oomph :) so sooo delish!]

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  1. I also am seriously in love with that Modcloth dress!! It's adorable. Modcloth sells out so quickly. =(

  2. love Modcloth!!!! Gorgeous dress, u look very pretty! :)

    xo Emma

  3. i really like your blog!
    check mine if you like,


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