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Pancakes on Sunday Mornings

My family has a thing for pancakes on Sunday mornings.
It's quite typical and occasional in the Lee household. Especially at family reunions, brunch hosting, and such. Frankly, I do not remember the last time I had a pancake, but this past weekend my mother brought out her pancake-making machine from the pantry and I spent the next half-hour inhaling the delicious aroma trailing throughout the kitchen. I remember the first time we bought the pancake maker. It was the day after our arrival back home from the beach. After spending an opportune time at the Hampton Hotel in South Carolina, I talked my mother into buying a similar pancake maker like the one in the breakfast hotel lobby. Their pancakes were superb. I was judicious, so refusal wasn't an option. Besides, I'm sure secretly she wanted it as much as I did. It benefited both of our explicable taste for pancakes.
I love Sundays.
It is the one day of the week where I come down as soon as I climb out of bed to assist my mother with setting the table and having our one-of-many chats of the day's schedule. And while we're at it, we like to perfect our pancakes in every way possible. We own a lot of cookie cutters, these including heart-shaped ones in all sizes and it does not have to be Valentine's Day to put them in good use.
Circular, hearts... you name it.


  1. Mmm I loove pancakes. This makes me want to have them for dinner!


  2. pancakes are my weakness...full of carbs yes! but seriously favorite is chocolate chip! yummo! thanks for checking out my blog and commenting,
    i'll be following you now! ;)



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