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Pastel Perfect

Happy Easter!
 My attention towards pastels have taken a turn for the bubbly occasion. I've taken slight interest towards baby pink, baby blue, and light purple colored nail polish (Essie, below). I am a sucker for pastels. Easter always had a way of reminding me the many shades of pastels and eggs dipped in dye. And not only that, but the delight of making Easter treats, such as homemade rice krispy treat specials for the wonderful holiday. But this Easter will be much different than the previous years since today in a couple of hours I will be heading to D.C. for a long 6-hour road trip. I have never been a big fan of car rides, but it's the thought of shopping in Georgetown that provides me with such comfort.


  1. pretty colors! great post :)

  2. So pretty and Easter-y :) I especially love the nail polishes.

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  4. LOVE your nails!! i love georgetown as well ;)

  5. Ahh! Look at all the lovely pastel colors! I love it. I wish I could paint my nails, because I totally would. And I want to try to make some rice krispie treats like that. Yum!

    Thank you for coming by my blog and for following. (: You're so sweet.

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  6. those nails are super pretty! great post :)

  7. beautiful pastel colors here! love this post. <3

  8. These are such fun pretty colors. I really like pastels. Especially pink.

    Nice post


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