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Spring Break, Where Art Thou?

Wednesdays have a bad reputation, only because it's smack right in the middle of the week and there's no way around it. You're not near the beginning of the week nor are you close to the end of it. But Thursdays certainly seem just as bad, especially when the weather is warm, not too hot, beach weather, as lovely and pleasant as spring weather goes... and I’m stuck under fluorescent lighting at school. I always imagined the last week before Spring Break to the one of the chillest weeks due to spring fever and exciting vacation plans. My teachers on the other hand, don't seem to grasp the concept as well as I do.
For them it means...  
Let's have a little fun and put all the tests and project due dates on the last day before Spring Break!

Thankfully, it's the knowledge that I'll be tanning on a beach in less than a week that keeps me alive.
You have no idea how long I have been waiting to be able to put this:

Spring Break = One. More. Day.

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