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Sticky Situation

Lists are exceedingly important to me. 
Being the oblivious person that I am, I jot down nearly everything on sticky notes and apply them everywhere in my room. My board, my binders, agendas, computers, laptops, and even my mirrors. Oh, and bathroom mirrors if necessary. I am always in constant need of being reminded of my to-do list. Otherwise, with all promises made, it will not be complete. In fact, my mother knows me too well. She buys me packs and packs of neon sticky-notes whenever my pile deteriorates. It's bad enough knowing how much paper I consume on a daily basis. Shame on me.


  1. Lists are so important to me too:)
    I use very often sticky-notes in all colors!
    I just found your blog,it's very cute.
    I added to your followers:)

  2. Neeed, I never forllow my list anyway. I stopped doing that since I realised I am not that kind.

  3. In my line of work I am forced to use all three. I also throw in a piece of scratch paper or a receipt paper if it's in arm reach. I am always have at lease three to-do lists going at once. Thanks for following- following back.



  4. I can't live witout post it haha !!! I put them everywere. And to do lists are a good way to sets goals and reduce stress when I'm working. But I always put something fun at the end of the list for motivation !


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