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That's so Sweet

 I'm not a huge whip-cream, layered, cake fanatic (ironic since I love to bake, huh). But when it comes to fruit tart cakes, I'm obliged to take a slice. And no, as much as I would love to claim this masterpiece as my own, it's unfortunately not. This fruit tart cake is a Harris Teeter original (love their bakery) and was bought for celebratory purposes. My mother tends to hold dinner parties attaining to weekdays which isn't the brightest choice in my case since I have school the next morning. And dinner parties consist of long loooong talks and laughter and let's not forget... tart cakes for dessert. Simply stating that the world doesn't revolve around me, the dinner parties go on.
Seeing the perfection of this tart cake, I might have snapped a few pictures or two... for inspiration and uh... craving purposes, that is.


  1. YUMM that looks like my perfect dessert

    stop by sometime<3

  2. Gosh! That looks sooo yummy!!

  3. omg I love fruit tarts...this looks like a dream cake for me...yum! Thanks for posting this :)

  4. That looks deelish!!!



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