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Summer like it Hot

At one point last summer, I had the biggest obsession with bows. Anything preppy or classy-related always seemed to catch my eye. I think it had similar ties to my huge Gossip Girl obsession, (which by the way, still have!) and Blair Waldorf's classy bowed headbands. Speaking of bow headbands, I am proud to say I still own a box full of them, which I still wear delectably every now and then. I bought anything with bows that I possibly could without much thought of whether I even liked the outfits or not. (I do regret a bunch of my lousy decisions. Half of my choices are now in heaps of clothing that I no longer want.) But nonetheless, I was inside Ralph Lauren and I was staring in awe at a mannequin with this very blouse on. The blouse was brand new and the only one left in the store. I think you already know what happened next...
I'm wearing it now, aren't I?
A little F.Y.I. -I will not be blogging until Friday when all my exams are finished! This weekend I will be sure to return comments and follows! As unfortunate and hard of a choice this is for me (I reap the benefits of blogging and reading the sweetest comments), here's to my strong determination.
Xx Grace

Wearing: Ralph Lauren bowed blouse, NY&C white watch, blue Forever 21 skirt, F21 black heels, vintage Coach bag, mug from Kirkland's

Memorial Day Weekend

I have a thing for holidays and the fun-filled festivities they bring along with them. Memorial Day weekends in previous years recalled for BBQ cookouts, grilling outdoors with family and friends, and napping for the rest of the evening opposed to baking under the scorching sun. This year, we decided to give our grill a rest and stuck to the mini oven in the kitchen and made homemade buffalo wings. They were hot and spicy, just as any delicious buffalo wings are supposed to be. I am starting to despise the hot humidity Fayetteville has to offer. As soon as school is out {two weeks: 8 1/2 days to be exact}, a vacation out of here will be a top priority of mine. But until then my to-do-list contains these top priorities:
  • study study study for final exams this week.
  • start a summer schedule plan for the next three months.
  • make a summer want and need shopping list.
  • strawberry season is now ending which means savor as much strawberries as I can!
Have a splendid Memorial Day!

Thanks a Latte

Fridays usually recall for a list of my favorite/loving things.
Signing my friend's yearbooks yesterday had me thinking lately. This year has really flown by and it deeply saddens me how much things have changed. The ending of the school year bewilders me always and as impelling as it seems for summer to instigate, we can all take note to the bittersweet memories. Yesterday was my chorus teacher's last concert. Ever. We took full advantage and literally went out with a bang. When the final 'It's Time to Say Goodbye' song was underway, I felt deeply moved and teared up inside. Before the final concert, I spent the last half-hour with good friends huddled together in a huge group singing acoustic songs on the guitar and swaying along with smiles plastered on our faces because we knew how much we were going to miss these good times. I love the idea that music has a way of bringing people together. Goodbyes to me, are the hardest things to say. Though it's dreadful enough not being able to see many faces every single day, we still have summer. And we can simply make the most of it.
Have a splendid Memorial Day weekend!
 {Audrey Hepburn is every girl's role model. I find her biographies and picture books to be inspiring. This of course fits my description of a refining weekend while sipping on my favorite Passion Tazo Iced Tea from Starbucks.}
{I reap the benefits of staring enviously at dream vacations as summer draws near! 9 more days of school and then the start of Summer 2011!}
 {Starbucks is my second home. Anyone in love with their delish fraps and macchiatos as much as I am?}
 {new blooming flowers found in my front yard.}
 {coral nail polish that I absolutely adore.}
 {cut-out dresses in this shade of blue with dazzling sequins reminds me of the beautiful beaches and their crystalline water at Wrightsville.}
 {I'm pretty much attracted to anything sparkly or metallic. And with these eye-catching colors, who could resist?}
 {Longing to take pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower in fierce red gloves and a blazer.}

Plaid to Meet You

My sister and I share a common interest when it comes to fashion. That may range from classy leather watches, skinny belts to solids or anything else chic and feminine. I favor this outfit for its teal appeal and coordination of color. The look screams schoolgirl like none other and I'm all for outfits like that. This handy-dandy Coach bag is one of my favorites. It's literally vintage. My mom bought it in her younger years and even though it's miniscule in size, I love how perfectly it matches with all my spring time clothing. (I like to carry bigger handbags because I carry so much!)
Me: white H&M shirt, F21 plaid skirt, F21 sandals, vintage Coach satchel, Bijuju pearl necklace
My sister: Delia flats, navy Banana Republic dress

Hello Yellow

Counting down the days for summer has the best of me. 
I have been caught up with studying for my finals next week and even though this weekend is Memorial Day weekend, I'm almost positive it will be spent fallaciously due to all the cramming I must put full effort into. It always comes down to this. The end of the school year only means celebrations galore, award assemblies, next year's inductions, and yes, the dreaded finals. But nevertheless, I can still dream about chic summer outfits, strolling alongside the beach in sandals and floppy hats, and keeping up with the latest styles.

{Note to self: survive exam week and then... summer.}

Sweet Simp-lace-ity

I attended my annual Global Studies Spring Dinner at the Fort Bragg Officer's Club a few days ago. I know this from previous experience that the speech is a total bore, but I hardly pass up an opportunity to get dressed up with friends for a social event as divine as this one. Blair Eadie, one of my favorite bloggers was wearing the exact same lace dress in one of her old posts and I felt most inspired to dedicate this post to her. Check out her blog here: {Atlantic-Pacific}. There's no denying her impeccable and whimsical fashion style. She's a huge inspiration when it comes to layering/mixing clothing combinations.

The weekend's weather was a scorcher. Luckily, I have spent most of the weekend indoors getting prepped for my final exams {yikes, two weeks!}. There's something so simplistic about lace. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted the perfect lace dress. But somehow that seemed too much to ask for. I hoarded store after store but could never find the perfect one. Luckily, I found this lace dress in a rack full of whites and off-whites and with my keen eye I got my hands on this dress and fell in love. I know this lace dress will quickly become a wardrobe staple.

Wearing: Forever 21 lace dress, Forever 21 necklace, NY&C clutch, coral nail polish, Forever 21 black heels

You are the Vest

Every once in a while, I'll come across an article of clothing that serves quite delectably and mixes well with nearly anything. Vests are so versatile and whimsical and this one happens to be one of my on-the-go outfits. It's comfy, thin, and the color complements my favorite pair of gray oxfords which ameliorates me with the color combo. I have such credence that these sandals are the epitome of chic. I'm all for comfort and exquisiste designing on shoes, with its looser fit around the ankles that allow such certitude.
Have a spectacular weekend! Xx
Wearing: white H&M tee, Forever 21 necklace, Forever 21 sandals, Forever 21 khaki skirt, Forever 21 vest, John Wind gold charm bracelet, Urban Outfitters straw boater hat

Berry Sensational

It's that time of year again, strawberry season.
I've gone a bit strawberry crazy at the moment. Plain loco. Off the deep end. I love strawberries. Adore them, in fact. I horde them come April and May because I just can't get enough of their sweet-tart taste that just nibbles at your tongue. I'm a sucker for strawberry smoothies but let's face it, strawberry-picking season ends near the end of May. Their time is short and sweet, just like the fruit itself. There's no denying that they make the perfect smoothies when the weather is hitting triple digits. It's a good thing that it's only spring... Still, if you're a bit strawberry crazy like me, you'll be more than willing to give this healthy strawberry smoothie a go. I love cooking with friends, so when one of my best friends came over yesterday prompting me with her cravings, I was all over it. Water, ice and strawberries were the key ingredients. Pop them in the blender and you're all set. It doesn't get any simpler than that. Strawberries are somewhat intriguing in my opinion. With all troubles put aside, we had a splendid time laughing about, taking turns stirring and sipping on a cold, refreshing smoothie.

Opting for Olive

These cropped olive pants have been on my wishlist for as long as I can remember. To be able to find a pair that fits and provides comfort is quite a win-win situation. I have always opted mustard as a favorite color of mine and it's one that mixes blissfully well with cropped olive pants. I believe cropped pants are a definite wardrobe staple especially for the cool and breezy weather for spring. Or it could benefit year-round when it comes time for the fall which I have a strong penchant towards blazers {like Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow & Victoria Beckham above}with the olive green cropped pants which you cannot deny, look utterly classy.
Wearing: mustard Banana Republic top, Forever 21 cropped olive pants, Forever 21 sandals, Wet N' Wild gold nail polish

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