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Berry Sensational

It's that time of year again, strawberry season.
I've gone a bit strawberry crazy at the moment. Plain loco. Off the deep end. I love strawberries. Adore them, in fact. I horde them come April and May because I just can't get enough of their sweet-tart taste that just nibbles at your tongue. I'm a sucker for strawberry smoothies but let's face it, strawberry-picking season ends near the end of May. Their time is short and sweet, just like the fruit itself. There's no denying that they make the perfect smoothies when the weather is hitting triple digits. It's a good thing that it's only spring... Still, if you're a bit strawberry crazy like me, you'll be more than willing to give this healthy strawberry smoothie a go. I love cooking with friends, so when one of my best friends came over yesterday prompting me with her cravings, I was all over it. Water, ice and strawberries were the key ingredients. Pop them in the blender and you're all set. It doesn't get any simpler than that. Strawberries are somewhat intriguing in my opinion. With all troubles put aside, we had a splendid time laughing about, taking turns stirring and sipping on a cold, refreshing smoothie.


  1. I'm loving the strawberries too! They're beautiful and delicious. I made some homemade jam the other day with a couple of pints of strawberries. Sooo good!

  2. Yummy! They're all so RED :)

  3. Yum! I absolutely love strawberry season!


  4. My favourite fruit!
    Nice blog!
    Visit mine!Can we follow each other?
    Hope so :)

  5. I'm going to be slightly biased here and say that english strawberries are the BEST! Especially eaten with lots of cream.....

  6. Now am craving!:)


  7. Oh strawberries :).
    I like them as well!

  8. nice photos!! i like to marinate strawberries in balsamic vinegar with sugar ~ they come out so sweet and syrupy!

  9. ohm, mniam! :D


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