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Good for the Sole

I'm quite sure this outfit would have been divine minus the worn-out sand leather Rainbows on my feet. I do believe shoes complete an outfit and defines it as a whole no matter how sublime it looks. I do own a pair of matching sequined sandals that would complete the look, but the fact that I was in D.C. and walking around in wedged sandals for the whole afternoon really did not sound like the most transcendent idea. And for someone who goes on runs daily, I don't like the idea of having arduous blisters all over my feet. These flip-flops are comfortable and relaxing and they have been with me through nearly anything. Beach, pool, name it.
Wearing: Charlotte Russe sequined dress, Michael Kors sunglasses


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  2. Love the neckline!

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  5. lovely photos and i agree with you. shoes can really make or break the outfit.

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