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Oh Snap!

Ever since I blogged about David Gu's photography {here}, I have tried every way possible to get my hands on an expensive camera like the Canon D60 [below], but I am not going to lie. That itself sounds quite unlikely. It hasn't been too long since I received a new camera. I remember blogging about it (here). It was and still is a high-quality camera with HD streaming video and amazing zoom qualities. My complaints usually wound up getting me nowhere so there's no point, really. I am grateful enough to reap the benefits of taking these extraordinary photographs.

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  1. amazing photography!

  2. These are so incredible, I especially love the one of the trees and fog.

  3. Your photography are so incredible :).... I love the second last picture, it seems relaxing :)

    I'm following your blog cause you're awesome :D.. You can follow me back if you want ;)

  4. great photos!! :)

    dunno how to use a dslr though but you've got some skills.

  5. Gorgeous photos, especially the foggy one! :) x

  6. I wish I could photograph like that !!!

    Have you seen my latest post ?

  7. nice post !!

  8. These are such beautiful photography!!

    Im following you now too

  9. Great Photos!

    Fashion Cat


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