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Plaid to Meet You

My sister and I share a common interest when it comes to fashion. That may range from classy leather watches, skinny belts to solids or anything else chic and feminine. I favor this outfit for its teal appeal and coordination of color. The look screams schoolgirl like none other and I'm all for outfits like that. This handy-dandy Coach bag is one of my favorites. It's literally vintage. My mom bought it in her younger years and even though it's miniscule in size, I love how perfectly it matches with all my spring time clothing. (I like to carry bigger handbags because I carry so much!)
Me: white H&M shirt, F21 plaid skirt, F21 sandals, vintage Coach satchel, Bijuju pearl necklace
My sister: Delia flats, navy Banana Republic dress


  1. You look really great:)

    invite me:

  2. I love how you create 2 different looks in the same colorshades :) You both look lovely :)


  3. you and your sister look lovely! and so great that you color-coordinated. my sister and i obviously share a love of fashion, too ;) that coach bag is too cute!

    thanks for visiting and following us - looking forward to future posts!

    -j, your newest follower :)
    sorelle in style

  4. cute outfit!

  5. it's pretty outfit ! :*

  6. you and your sister are so cute! you look like twins ~ you must get that a lot huh? my sister who is a few years my junior, and i, always get that. . .

  7. the skirt looks great !

    have you seen my new post ?

  8. you and your sister looks gorgeous!!~ I love the blue~ & I love to carry giant handbags too! I just like to shove everything in my bag because I don't like to hold things too~ hehehe


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