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Pretty Little Lollipops

My Monday nights used to include the show Pretty Little Liars along with 90210 at 8 pm and Gossip Girl at 9 pm, but that was before season 1 ended. I was just as enamored to come across this photo of the PLL girls having a beatific time in Vegas and could not deter myself away from Ashley Benson's nails. I faltered upon one remaining bottle of yellow nail polish in Forever 21 this weekend. Usually I would grab the yellow nail polish without giving it a further thought, but then I spotted the pastel mint bottle beside it and I began to take note to this intricate situation that I was in.
Yellow or pastel mint nail polish? Which did she pick? You're probably wondering but I'll let you figure that out whenever new pictures are posted.You can take a good luck at my nails and figure that one out for yourselves ;)
My Monday night schedule:
 -watch 90210 and Gossip Girl 8-10 p.m.
Two episodes remaining until the season finales!

Happy Monday! xoxo


  1. I love yellow polish on toes -- so fun for summer!
    xo Josie

  2. love yellow. have to catch up with 90210 and i'm so stoked for the last two episodes of gg!!

  3. omg i so need cw channel here but i cant watch them in korea
    too painful not to be able to catch up with the episodes haha

  4. I was thinking on begin to watch pretty liars and well... I'm gonna do it! ;) Seems good! And I love your floral dress on an old post! looks lovey on you! XO Malu

  5. Great post and pictures ^^. If you like my blog, you follow me. I'll follow you too :D
    Alla moda e con stile

  6. I love yellow! Yes of course I'll follow your blog! Happy Monday!


  7. haha those were my mondays too :P love those shows!

  8. About to start Gossip Girl now!


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