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Thanks a Latte

Fridays usually recall for a list of my favorite/loving things.
Signing my friend's yearbooks yesterday had me thinking lately. This year has really flown by and it deeply saddens me how much things have changed. The ending of the school year bewilders me always and as impelling as it seems for summer to instigate, we can all take note to the bittersweet memories. Yesterday was my chorus teacher's last concert. Ever. We took full advantage and literally went out with a bang. When the final 'It's Time to Say Goodbye' song was underway, I felt deeply moved and teared up inside. Before the final concert, I spent the last half-hour with good friends huddled together in a huge group singing acoustic songs on the guitar and swaying along with smiles plastered on our faces because we knew how much we were going to miss these good times. I love the idea that music has a way of bringing people together. Goodbyes to me, are the hardest things to say. Though it's dreadful enough not being able to see many faces every single day, we still have summer. And we can simply make the most of it.
Have a splendid Memorial Day weekend!
 {Audrey Hepburn is every girl's role model. I find her biographies and picture books to be inspiring. This of course fits my description of a refining weekend while sipping on my favorite Passion Tazo Iced Tea from Starbucks.}
{I reap the benefits of staring enviously at dream vacations as summer draws near! 9 more days of school and then the start of Summer 2011!}
 {Starbucks is my second home. Anyone in love with their delish fraps and macchiatos as much as I am?}
 {new blooming flowers found in my front yard.}
 {coral nail polish that I absolutely adore.}
 {cut-out dresses in this shade of blue with dazzling sequins reminds me of the beautiful beaches and their crystalline water at Wrightsville.}
 {I'm pretty much attracted to anything sparkly or metallic. And with these eye-catching colors, who could resist?}
 {Longing to take pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower in fierce red gloves and a blazer.}


  1. Nice post,the last photo is just amazing!

  2. yes I am addicted to Starbucks frappuccinos too :)

    and I love coral nail polish! It is perfect for this summer

  3. lovely things. I haven't had a fancy starbucks drink in a while. maybe it's about time! <3

  4. If you follow me and comment saying you did, I'll follow you back! xoxo

  5. You are amazing! I love everything about this post. It's awesome that you sing -- I sang all throughout growing up, high school, and a little of college. I was in chorus as well, such a great experience! Also, yes..... I must admit I love starbucks fraps, adore new flowers blooming for spring, cut-out dresses and what a gorgeous photo in front of the Eiffel Tower. I'm thinking all of my photos in Rome need to be shifted to Paris soon... ;)

    I love your taste!

  6. The coral nail polish is so lovely! I like your blog, it's very pretty :)

    Check out my blog if you want to:
    about nail polishes, baking, hair care and more...

    Thank you :)


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