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Timely Pieces

And, here they are. My weekly Friday Favorites.
For those who commented on my previous blog posts, I will get back to you shortly on replies and checking out your blogs! (And followers as well!) Due to the next few exam weeks at school, I have been busier than ever. Luckily, it's the weekend and hopefully I will have some free time on my hands to get back to checking your sweet comments :)
Happy Friday! xoxo
Loving things for the moment:
 {I mentioned before that I would blog about these Forever 21 clock studs [here]. They're quite minuscule and I tend to forget I have them on. Luckily, people like to remind me that they are there when they start ranting with comments.}
 {Two favorite things: Skinny nonfat iced latte and dark blue nails}
 {Obsessed with my teal colored nails and the song Hurricane by Panic at the Disco.}
 {Flower garden beside the Smithsonian in D.C. I love yellow tulips and any sort of flower garden. They tend to awe me with its blooming charm and pop of color.}
 {Fresh fruit tarts at the Smithsonian. Was so delish!}
{Dined at the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel in D.C. Remarkably beautiful and the ballroom was quite exquisite.}
 {I would die for a pair of these Louboutins!}
 {Yellow nails. Yes, surprise surprise. Instead of picking just one color, I chose both. My pastel mint nails will be posted along with new pictures next week! here if you remember.}
 {Fun, color-popping, whimsical pillow sets perfect for Friday movie nights.}
 {Straw boater hats like Miroslava Duma's. Perfect for spring and summer. The hat and brown leather handbag seem to complement the nautical feeling of this outfit. I am a sucker for anything nautical.}
 {This dress reminds me of an invigorating blue flower. It's quite alluring and ravishing in a way. The tone of blue makes it so tranquil and serene. I would pair this with black pumps to draw the attention to the dress and a shimmery clutch.}


  1. Those shoes are stunning!!!!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Fantastic Post, those pictures of the tulips are gorgeous!!

    Great Blog!!!

    Meggie from Jeans and Tee's

  3. I love the bright yellow nails! And those Louboutins! And that exquisite blue dress! Gorgeous, inspirational post.


  4. WOWW! Grace! Have you find out where are this awesome rings!?!? I'm obsessed with rings lately! ...more than usually yes haha! Great post! XO Malu

  5. the earrings are interesting. those shoes are stunning. I also love that song, Hurricane :D
    great post


  6. Great post! Love iced latte, fruit tarts, high heels & that last dress too! Good luck with your exams! I'm following you now :)

  7. Those gold rings are incredible!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  8. those louboutins are phenomenal..and i never use that word haha love this post

  9. Nice choices,the blue dress is so beautiful!


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