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Couture Yourself

{Juicy Couture purse, Sally Hansen nail polish}

I have a thing for yellow and blue color combinations. There's something so intriguing about mixing colors such as a bold blue with a light and easy color like yellow.
Yesterday was such a productive day. I spent half of it outside on the Chapel Hill campus, walking on Franklin for free Sugarland cupcakes (which I must admit were absolutely delicious! I went with the Banana Nutella cupcake #justsayin), studied at the library until lunch, dined at Lenoir's (best salad ever), and then headed for the Ram's Head Rec Center and worked out for an hour. Not gonna lie, if I could relive this day I would do it the same.

Tell me readers, how did your spend your day?

Prada N' Plaid

My apologies ahead of time for never getting a front side picture of this outfit. I regret it myself, especially when I look through my pictures and come to realize that I end up with photos like these. But despite my foolish mistakes, the weather wasn't as sweltering hot as it usually is. Instead there was a slight cool breeze that called for a classic LBD worn over a fun plaid button-down with a pair of my favorite bow heels to finish up the look. It most certainly makes a practical statement with the matching plaids that has summer written all over it.

{Wearing: Plaid F21 button-down, F21 LBD, Gianni Bini heels, Prada bag, Geneva watch}

Under my Umbrella-ella-ella

Forecast has it that this week will be entirely rainy and muggy outside. Bummer. Nonetheless, there's something so appealing about walking down a road with a bold red umbrella wearing a frilly cream-colored dress. These photos captivate me in every way possible and I have definitely convinced myself that a red umbrella is quite needed on my must-buy list.
I am planning on taking full advantage and most likely spending my time indoors because there is nothing I can possibly do about this dreadful weather. I plan on dividing my time between finally reading / finishing up my favorite books and searching for new places online to visit on my trip to New York City near the end of next month.
How do you spend your rainy days? Do share, I'd love to read about them in the comments!

M-Fuge in Philly

After a week's worth of fun-filled activities made haste, I must admit that I have bruises up and down my legs and I've never been sleepier from the tiresome everyday camp schedule. Philadelphia was such a spectacular experience for me. The 3rd largest mall in the U.S. a.k.a. King of Prussia mall, was a couple of blocks down from where I stayed: Eastern University. I remember tweeting about it and how envious I got when a girl told me that there was a two-story Urban Outfitters and not just one H&M, but two. My church youth group went to the Rocky Steps instead and raced up the flight of many many many steps to the top where the view was quite blissful. The kids I played with at Malcom X Park were just the sweetest children and the fallacious neighborhoods we passed were just too daunting.
But all in all, in Twitter's term, Philadelphia? #winning

P.S. I'm packing tonight to leave for another week in Chapel Hill in the morning! I'll be updating from my laptop so blogging won't be a problem.

Happy Monday everyone!  xx
 {West Philly}
 {Wearing: Urban Outfitters top, John Wind bracelet, Prada bag, American Eagle white shorts, Mint Sorbet Sally Hansen nail polish}
 {Mega Relay-- requires team effort and rolling around in the damp grass. Oh, and let's not forget about squirting people with ketchup and mustard. Turns out, those condiments aren't only for hot dogs...}
 {Philly and their water ice specialty}
 {Wearing: coral H&M top, Hollister shorts, Mint Sorbet Sally Hansen nail polish}
 {Liberty Bell}
 {the famous Rocky Steps}
 {At the top of the Rocky Steps}
 {Wearing: F21 floral dress, sash was an add-on (not included)}
 {Sombala painted my face. So lovely that I apparently scared off kids. Oops.}
{Gossip Girl-esque Mets Steps photo. As soon as I saw these steps I was imperative to snap a picture!}

Perfect Timing

My past week was all about 'perfect timing'. Well, most of it was, at least. From free bus rides to sunny weather (it was supposed to rain) to sales at Southpoint... "perfect" is most likely an understatement. There was some confusion mishap in between when we "missed" our bus and had to wait almost an hour at Southpoint. Never again. Despite my sore legs from walking everywhere, cooking dinner with my sister, indulging on frozen yogurt, tanning at the pool, and meeting new people, I honestly cannot wait to head back to Chapel Hill next Sunday for a whole another week.
I thought it best if I just summarized my Chapel Hill experience through pictures:
 {decisions, decisions}
 {suitcase #1}
 {cute summer-y sandals for the hot season}
 {Grabbed a chai latte and a macaroon before heading to Southpoint}
 {this fountain was such a beauty}
 {beautiful little restaurant-- Maggiano's Little Italy}
 {We practically spent hours in here admiring the appealing clothing}
 Man: "Are you girls twins?"
Me: "No, why does everyone say that?!"
Man: "Well you both are just gorgeous!"
Aw, so sweet.
 {Urban Outfitters}
 {I admire the Cheesecake Factory for their superb taste in architecture}
 {Carpet testing in Crate & Barrel}
 {Wilson library in Chapel Hill}
 {My sister pointed out the lamp posts and tree symmetry on campus. Was deeply admired.}
 {My beautiful sister}
 {Wearing: AE white tank, F21 belt, F21 skirt}
{Relaxed at the pool for a countless amount of hours. I forgot to put on sunscreen so it's no wonder I look like a lobster... unfortunate, I know.}

Waking up at 4 a.m. to leave for camp in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! I'll be back on June 25th.
Have a great week everyone.

Caked with Sweetness

{Father's Day cake--last year}
I've always had the fondest Father's Day memories. Despite the fact that each one always ended with a family movie, a yummy cake, and a sparkling Welch bottle for the finishing touch. Well this year will be different. I mentioned {here} that my dad was well on his way to Tokyo, following up a week long business trip to Germany. After all, what's Father's Day without a father to celebrate with? This Father's Day will be spent packing for M-Fuge, a week-long summer camp in Philadelphia. I leave Monday morning at 4 a.m. and return June 25th, which also means no updating for another week. It's quite the dilemma that...
1) I won't have my laptop with me 
2) I'll be too busy for any blogging but even if I did... {please note #1}
I  have a lot of ideas for new posts for when I return. I apologize for not updating as often as I usually do. Summer has really gotten the best of me.
Happy Father's Day! Xx

All Day and All White

This summer calls for a multitude of whites ranging from anything pleated to polka-dotted. I love the beauty of this shot (above). The perfect timing of the shot and the sublime pleated dress that bares an open back. It practically screams perfection. White clothing is just about as neutral as a color can get. At times like this, it can be discouraging and too plain for my taste. But when I came across glamorous photos like these, I see that white dresses add an appealing vibe to just about any outfit.

ps: I'm posting this from my laptop. I'll have pictures uploaded either tomorrow or Monday morning from my well-spent Chapel Hill getaway! I can't wait to read everyone's delectable comments when I get home tomorrow :)
 [photo credit: the Satoralist. Street style inspiration.]

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