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Chapel Thrill

{David Gu Photography- posted here. Please check him out here. His work is quite ravishing.}

I'm quite thrilled to leave for Chapel Hill early this morning. I'm off to fun-filled afternoons with long strolls along Franklin Street, getting a sample taste of sugary sweets, sipping on bubble tea, laying poolside while reading Les Miserablés, going on runs on the campus trails, shopping for vintage clothing... the possibilities are endless and I feel as though four days isn't enough time to enjoy the most of what Chapel Hill has to offer. Which is why I'll be heading back to UNC the last week of June for another soothing getaway. I'm very much anticipating the true start of summer spent for the next four days with my sister.
I will get back to comments and follows as soon as I can when I return!

So far, here's a few things I already have in mind:
{mmmm...bubble tea}

ps- I still have chills from last night's Pretty Little Liars season 2 premiere! Even though I should've been packing, I couldn't deter myself away from the TV. Tell me PLL fans, what did you guys think of the daunting start of the second season?


  1. i love bubble teas :)
    great photos! all so amazing

  2. Love the second photo
    x fashionnerdic

  3. I love milkteas!! now am cravinggg! I haven't seen the full season1 PLL yet, must do on a weekend!:-)

  4. I want a Starbuck Coffee!! I love the American Coffee... not sugar, not Milk! Just Black Coffee!!
    ñam, ñam!

  5. beautiful pictures....have fun

  6. oh my gosh that bubble tea looks amaze!! i missed pretty little liars last night, but not fretting because i dvr'd it!
    xoxo ~ kristina

  7. mmmm.. i love bubble tea, but my favorite is carmel maricarto, don't know how to spell it though. but love it.

    chekc outmy fashoiblog.

  8. Hope you have a great time in Chapel Hill! :D

  9. have fun darling:) Love the blog by the way! it's a great read:) Oh and we're hosting a a giveaway on our blog with a value of 160€(!!) Take a look and participate if you want!

    farah from fashionfabrice

  10. that is so cute, the photos you've taken. love starbucks :)

    new follower, you have a great blog :)


  11. Mmm I love bubble tea and "Les Mis" is amazing! Have a great time- now following :)


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