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Short of Worry

After nearly suffering a heat stroke in jeans the other day after school, I went home and went straight to work on a collaboration of photos that contained my cool to a minimum. My school dress code is ridiculous. Which is why I compiled a bunch of my favorite photos of shorts and skirts. Even though I can't wear them in school, I can still go back to this post and dream for the start of summer so that I can wear shorts everyday and not get sent home.


  1. thanks for the inspiration! i was actually just thinking about how i need to get some new pieces for my summer wardrobe. LOVE all of you ideas!!
    xoxo~ kristina

  2. I love mini shorts, it is so sexy!

    kisses xxx

  3. I bet no girls would like the dressing code at school, but summer holiday is here soon, so just get ready, haha~~

  4. so many great picks! loving the last on and the one of mary kate (is it that ashley ?! ;)


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