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Soho Shopping

I had an eventful/exhausting shopping trip in the city yesterday. 
Zara. Madewell. TopShop. H&M. American Apparel. Banana Republic. J.Crew. 
My life is complete.

I am still bewildered by the fact that I ran into my two friends back at home--Fayetteville-- in the Rockefeller Center. What are the odds of that happening? Such a small world we live in. We traveled to Soho and shopped the day away with a Starbucks latte in hand. By the end of the night, my feet hurt with an excruciating pain and the walk back home was not a pleasant one. New York, you are such a beauty. Sadly, I will be departing early Saturday morning for a 12-hour roadtrip back home. #thatiswaytoolongtobeinacar
Pictures from New York will probably be up sometime next week! Have a splendid weekend!

Dainty Drizzle

I wish it would stop raining in New York City.
Heading to Coney Island in Brooklyn for the entire day.


{Why no one failed to mention my cameo studs were turned? No idea.}

I was beyond ecstatic with my arrival to New York yesterday. The temperature was marked at 73° which is good enough to escape the heat Fayetteville has to offer. This beautiful Tuesday will consist of waking up for an early morning run around Roosevelt Island and then heading to Chinatown, Koreatown, Guggenheim Musuem, and last but not least strolling through Central Park.
 I'm a sucker for nautical clothing which is the very reason I bought this nautical sailor dress a long time ago. The bow and cutesy pockets are my favorite part of this dress and I threw in this denim dress to switch up an old dress for a change.

Wearing: F21 nautical dress and heels and denim dress, John Wind charm bracelet, Express headband, F21 cameo studs

The City that never Sleeps

There's nothing pleasant about a 12-hour road trip to the magical city of New York. I plan on pulling an all-nighter and sleeping most of the way there to pass the time. The last time I arrived in New York City, it was late at night but the lights were so incontrovertibly glowing, it served me right with a jaw-dropping experience. I have been counting down these days for as long as I can remember and a week long getaway in New York is simply all I need to end my summer vacation. Strolling along avenue to avenue, waking up early in the morning for a workout or a casual stroll in Central Park, visiting Parsons or F.I.T. (maybe), heading to Chinatown, spending a day at a waterpark... the possibilities are endless.
I'm also hoping to find tons of inspiration whether it be the streets or the new places I plan to visit while in the city.
Here are a few things that I hope to encounter while in New York:
 {Gossip Girl filming season 5. 
I would love to see the cast of Gossip Girl. That would just be a dream come true.}
 {There's nothing like getting inspiration from fashionistas on the streets.}
 {Visit Soho and shop 'til I drop.}
{Head on over to Times Square and Rockefeller Center to see the city's magical lights truly come to life at night. Whereas, there's a Starbucks on every corner so coffee won't be a problem.}
 New York, I am beyond ready for you.

>-<> Fish Tales and Epiphanies

{A bowl of savory sweet raspberries to keep me cool and refreshed during this horrendous heat.}

There is no denying that yesterday was seriously one of the hottest days of summer I've far. I hope to God, that that will be the first and last one I encounter until Fall rolls around. It was a bold move to even take a step outdoors (Unfortunately, that was me). Someone give me a gold star. 
This week has crawled at a terribly slow pace. I couldn't be more ecstatic to hit the pool tomorrow right after tennis practice. When dripping with sweat from the sweltering sun, there's really nothing better than jumping into a cold, refreshing pool to kickstart the weekend ahead. I'm well assured that my New York trip will have to be scheduled by this weekend, along with my sister's return from Chapel Hill. With weather hitting triple digits, I am kindly asking for it to be Fall.
 Yesterday's temperature: 102°

Loving things for the moment:
 {I stopped by Epiphany Boutique yesterday. Every time I walk into this boutique, the overwhelming and aesthetically pleasing clothing puts me in wonders. The ruffly, satin coral and kelly green tank tops seemed perfect for the scorching weather. And to celebrate their sale, they had cupcakes, sweet tea, lemonade, and tiny sandwiches up front. Too cute.
Note: Stop by Epiphany Boutique when in need of party dresses.
Duly noted.
 {I've been drinking green tea on a daily basis. So good.}
 {Newly bought cutesy tea container that I put to good use.}
 {My younger brother likes to keep tabs on what I do in my room. Apparently, so do his stuffed animals.}

{Essie nailpolish that reminds me of Valentine's Day. But I am way ahead of myself. The pink pastel on the left looks fit for my taste.}
{Wearing chambray like a cardigan. But unfortunately, this only works if the humidity in Fayetteville miraculously lowers.}
{The dire need of having my hair fish-tail braided like so.}
 {Such a strong and powerful song. Brings me to tears.}
 {Desiring to see this in New York... in a few days. #soexcited}
{I wish I could enjoy my breakfast on a balcony such as this one every morning and overlook the city. 
Anyone else with me?}

I hope you all have a productive and fabulous weekend! xo

Floral Explorer

 I own two pairs of vests and not only do I wear them year round, I also tend to wear them quite often with dresses. Well this beautiful breezy summer day called for a switcheroo. The floral skirt seemed perfect for the preppy pink-and-green garden at FSU where I volunteer. Lucky me, I pass by this picturesque garden on a daily basis. I was awed by the scenic and resplendent pink-and-green benches and tables. I honestly can't think of a better way to enjoy a fancy picnic outdoors than in an exquisite garden like this.

 Wearing: F21 vest, H&M black shirt, F21 skirt, Alloy sandals, Steve Madden shades

Shake Your Bootie

{Black booties status: still looking...}

With my latest Fall catalog of Alloy in hand, I have drawn a conclusion that I want a pair of booties for Fall. But not just a pair of booties, being the spendthrift person that I am, but a pair that won't go to waste. In other words: the right pair that I won't regret buying. Click {here} to shop booties online at Alloy. I rounded up a few of my favorite booties for inspiration that I found in various places (mostly tumblr), so the next time I go shopping {in New York, cross your fingers} and my eyes land upon a pair, I'll be ready.
{Gray booties-- I'd love to pair these with mustard tights and a simple neutral-toned dress. All this talk of Fall makes me feel giddy inside. #Iamsoexcitedforfall}
{The dress is so whimsical. I couldn't help myself to not add it along with the booties. 
Ruffly booties, fancy schmancy.}
{Lace-up booties. Hm, seriously considering.}
{Black is classic. I just might go with a pair like these.}
{Leopard booties. }
{Love the color and they remind me of wallabees...but with heels. Brownie points for comfort.}
{Leave it to fashion icon Olivia Palermo to rock these stunning lace-up booties.}
{This sparkling dress caught my eye in a flash and I'd pair these booties with socks as well.}

So, what's your take: what kind of booties do you recommend?

Make a Statement

A few days ago, I found myself in Betty Kelly's Gift Shop in downtown Fayetteville. I was mesmerized by their taste of floral designs and fell in love with their jewelry all stacked and laid out perfectly on a sleek, glass counter. My eyes were non-resistant to this adorable statement necklace that mixed aqua blue and coral colors together creating a 'Lily-van-der-Woodsen-esque' necklace like none other. I wish I could've snapped a photo; I literally had the means to buy it...oh how I hate this feeling of regret. But I do believe that with statement necklaces, it's an easy way to change up your outfit now and then. I am enamored that with its slight additional touch it can turn a simple outfit to a glamorous one just with its slight additional touch.
{I love Lily van der Woodsen/Bass/Humphrey and her impeccable taste for statement necklaces on Gossip Girl.}

Indolent Weekends

Ideally, my weekends usually kick off with a late Friday movie night with the family. This time we watched Rango (don't judge) and I applaud Johnny Depp for never failing to make me laugh. I spent Saturday morning at the radio station at FSU and talked nonstop for two hours reading articles. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a pretty garrulous person at times, but my voice was not up for two full hours of straight reading. Plus, total thumbs-down for having to watch a dozen of ants crawl all over the table while I read. I hate bugs. I really do.
My mother had the pleasure of making blueberry pancakes {her specialty}. They were absolutely delish and appeasing. It was a breezy morning so I whipped out one of my favorite blouses (yellow, in this case) and paired it with this skirt-- I adore this skirt for its tone of color. It matches with mostly everything I own in my closet and I'd take that any day.

 Wearing: New York & Co. yellow blouse, F21 skirt, Gianni Bini heels, Charlotte Russe earrings

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