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Bouquet and Bubbly

Mondays were never easy for me. But that was before summer and might I add, cheers for the whole "school's out scream and shout" giddy feeling. But after an eventful 4th of July, the bright sun and warm breeze looks ravishing than ever. After a whole month's worth of traveling, I have to say it feels good to be back home. I'm always exhausted after long road trips and I plan on spending this delightful Monday with an afternoon nap, cleaning my room, and trying to fix my iPod that I currently dropped in the toilet by accident this morning. Any tips on how I should explain this to my dad when he gets home?

I have so many peonies growing in my backyard, it's ridiculous.
I picked a few and placed them in a vase for my Mom.
This rose in my backyard is my favorite. It started off like this. And here's another blog post about my photography.
Wearing: F21 lace dress, black vest, brown braided belt, sandals, Geneva watch, vintage earrings from Korea, Mint Sorbet Sally Hansen nail polish, Blue me Away Sally Hansen nail polish


  1. gorgeous lace dress..i like it! :D

  2. Love how you wore that vest of the dress and cinched in the waist with the belt. Nice outfit!
    Yikes about the iPod! :(

  3. You look Gorgeous! I love your dress, is so cute!

  4. Hi! I like this post so much, you look really great!
    If you want come and visit my blog, and if you like, follow me!

  5. cute outfit! and the flowers are beautiful!

  6. such a nice look!! it's so pretty and feminine!

    and try putting your ipod in a bowl of dry rice for a couple of hours :)

    sorelle in style

  7. I love the peonies in your backyard!! I want to grow them when i get a house~ hahaha & you look so pretty in your outfit! i like the lace dress (:

  8. I am totally in love with your dress. They are opening a store in London soon, so looking forward to that. Ermmm iPod, woopsie, they usually dry out and work again, hope so in your case xx

  9. Your dress is adorable! Hope the iPod's okay- soaking it in a tub of rice for a few days should do the trick!


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  11. Adorable lace dress!! And I love how you wear it with the vest and belt!

  12. beautiful outfit :) your lace dress looks lovely!


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