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>-<> Fish Tales and Epiphanies

{A bowl of savory sweet raspberries to keep me cool and refreshed during this horrendous heat.}

There is no denying that yesterday was seriously one of the hottest days of summer I've far. I hope to God, that that will be the first and last one I encounter until Fall rolls around. It was a bold move to even take a step outdoors (Unfortunately, that was me). Someone give me a gold star. 
This week has crawled at a terribly slow pace. I couldn't be more ecstatic to hit the pool tomorrow right after tennis practice. When dripping with sweat from the sweltering sun, there's really nothing better than jumping into a cold, refreshing pool to kickstart the weekend ahead. I'm well assured that my New York trip will have to be scheduled by this weekend, along with my sister's return from Chapel Hill. With weather hitting triple digits, I am kindly asking for it to be Fall.
 Yesterday's temperature: 102°

Loving things for the moment:
 {I stopped by Epiphany Boutique yesterday. Every time I walk into this boutique, the overwhelming and aesthetically pleasing clothing puts me in wonders. The ruffly, satin coral and kelly green tank tops seemed perfect for the scorching weather. And to celebrate their sale, they had cupcakes, sweet tea, lemonade, and tiny sandwiches up front. Too cute.
Note: Stop by Epiphany Boutique when in need of party dresses.
Duly noted.
 {I've been drinking green tea on a daily basis. So good.}
 {Newly bought cutesy tea container that I put to good use.}
 {My younger brother likes to keep tabs on what I do in my room. Apparently, so do his stuffed animals.}

{Essie nailpolish that reminds me of Valentine's Day. But I am way ahead of myself. The pink pastel on the left looks fit for my taste.}
{Wearing chambray like a cardigan. But unfortunately, this only works if the humidity in Fayetteville miraculously lowers.}
{The dire need of having my hair fish-tail braided like so.}
 {Such a strong and powerful song. Brings me to tears.}
 {Desiring to see this in New York... in a few days. #soexcited}
{I wish I could enjoy my breakfast on a balcony such as this one every morning and overlook the city. 
Anyone else with me?}

I hope you all have a productive and fabulous weekend! xo


  1. I love this post! Fresh strawberries sound delicious right now and the Epiphany Boutique looks so adorable! Glad you are surviving the heat.... sounds incredibly painful, wow. I would LOVE to eat breakfast on a balcony as gorgeous and charming as that one... sigh! :)


  2. I love green tea! Great pics!
    Kisses grace :)

  3. Beautiful post :) And I love green tea, too :)



  4. So inspirational!
    Follow each other? :)


  5. oh wow it is a scorcher where you are!! but the cupcakes and drink made up for it i'm sure ;) that sounds like such a cute boutique. i also love drinking green tea on a daily basis ~ it just keeps me level. have a great rest of the weekend grace!
    xo ~ kristina

  6. i also want to learn how to fishtail braid my own hair but everytime i try i fail. lol

  7. Ooh hope you have an awesome time in NY! Unfortunately, it's been just as hot here, but the heatwave is expected to break soon!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!
    sorelle in style

  8. such a nice, cute post :)
    ahh how i wish it was hot in the UK, there was like 3 days that i wore shorts in the whole of july :/
    I <3 green tea


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    Love your post.)

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    "What are your favorite clothing firms?"

  10. fabulous like list, that boutique looks divine. x


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