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Teal Appeal

The last time I wore this plaid skirt was here. The Bijuju floral/pearl bracelet on my wrist is actually a necklace that I creatively transformed by wrapping around my wrist to form this cutesy bracelet that complements my plaid skirt with the color teal. Hence my caption. Believe it or not, I've had this denim dress for years and never thought of wearing it this way. It's more of a bubble dress when buttoned up with a cute ribbon to tie on the back. While rifling through my closet for a different take on a simple outfit, my eyes descended upon this denim dress that has proven its versatility. I spent the better half of last Wednesday afternoon to a lunch date with one of my best friends that I hadn't seen since school let out and that was nearly a month ago.

I plan on spending my day with a morning workout, volunteering at a radio station, and then coming home cuddled up in my bed to watch Pretty Little Liars.
Wearing: F21 denim dress, plaid skirt, Express blue shirt, Prada bag, AK sandals, hard to tell but I'm wearing my F21 clock studs from (here). You can definitely get a better view of them. Bijuju floral/pearl necklace worn as a bracelet: posted here.


  1. very cute outfit~~~i like the bag and how it is also plaid~~~matches your skirts very well~~~


  2. So cute, teal is a really pretty color on you!


  3. Thanks for the sweet comment!

    Your skirt is adorable- I love that colour combination for tartan. And oh my, are you carrying Prada? That's definitely one way to spice up a casual outfit!

  4. Really nice blog youve got. enjoyed reading it. keep in touch okay.

    following u now.

    silvia @

  5. Love this look :)
    Your skirt and bag are my favorite! You don't see it much here :)

    xxx London

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  7. Hello Grace, you look gorgeous in this outfit, love the blue of this top and your bag is amazing :)

  8. What a lovely skirt and bag! Not 100% sure that I like them as much combined together, but either way you look really cute with that pretty smile of yours :))

  9. Hey !
    What a cute outfit, I love the vest and the skirt and specialy that bag !Wow, it's so beautiful !
    I love pretty little liars, it's one of my favorite TV shows!
    Have a nice day :)I'm Following you, ok ?

  10. Beautiful pictures,love the outfit, the bracelet is so cute

  11. hey little sunshine! i love this outfit! that plaid skirt is so adorable:)and i love your handbag:D

  12. Thanks for your comment, cute blog :)

    Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;

  13. I love your skirt!! ;)

    xo Emma

  14. i like the mix of print and color here.


  15. my gosh you look so muchlike my friend! you look amazing btw ;)

  16. You look so pretty in the first photo!!
    I like your skirt, I like all your Outfit! :)

  17. grace ~ i love your skirt and sandals here!! very cute!
    xx ~ kristina

  18. LOVE the mixing of plaids. but the colors still say summer!


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